Pogueman's Test Page

 It said to click here to add a subtitle. So I did.

Google and I are in wholehearted agreement about one thing: It's way too hard for the average person to make a Web page.

Oh, there are all kinds of page-creation programs. Some are even free. But what then? You wanna walk my mom through the steps involved in uploading her HTML documents via FTP to a server?


So the idea here is brilliant. 

A little bit about the Pogueman

I write for the New York Times, whose editors are smart and funny and fantastic to work for. (Hi guys!) :)

Every week I provide one (1) column on the front page of the Business section, one (1) e-mail column that gets sent to about 300,000 people who've signed up for it, five (5) blog entries called Pogue's Posts, and one (1) funny three-minute video for the Times Web site. I also answer almost all reader mail and reader forum postings.

I also created the Missing Manual series of funny computer books, and I write five of them a year.

And I do occasional segments for "CBS News Sunday Morning" and NPR's "Morning Edition."

And I have three kids and a wife.

No, I don't get enough sleep.

The other page

I mentioned that I'd posted TWO sample pages, showing different Google Web ttemplates. The other one is right here.

Testing, testing

Google Page Creator makes it pitifully easy to add text, links, and photos to your page. Proof? Here's a shot from last year's Geek Cruise, showing the whole Pogue clan about to depart from Estonia (!). I added it by clicking the Image button, finding it on my hard drive, and then dragging it around on this page till it snapped where I wanted it. 


The Bottom line

Google Page Creator is in its very earliest stages. But I think it's going to be very useful for a lot of people.


Your pal,


Obligatory Sidebar 

Hey! Lookit over here! It's a sidebar!

Let's see you do THAT with Joe's Average Free Web-Design App!

Actually, it's a nice place to say that Google Page Creator reminds me a little bit of Apple's new iWeb program. Of course, iWeb isn't free. And it has LOTS of neat features--especially the way it simplifies making podcasts, blogs, and so on.

But I also find it REALLY slow, especially to publish. And buddies of mine have complained about the HTML code it produces.

But hey--choice is good, n'est-ce pas?