Pattaya Grand Tropical Garden

November 26, 2010
Royal Garden Plaza - Pattaya, supported by Pattaya City, Nongnooch Garden and The Ornamental Plandt Society of the East, together arranged the most amazing festival of flowers, plants, and trees titled "Pattaya Grand Tropical Garden", being held from Nov. 25 thru Nov. 29, 2010.  This is the first and most splendid event of Pattaya City with rare flowering and ornamental plants on display for all the public to enjoy.  Highlighted are the splendid Lodoicea Maldivica, the worlds largest and heaviest seed of the coco-de-mer palm of the Seychelles Archipelago Islands, also the Agave Teguilana Sunrise, originating from the famous Tequila and lastly from Cuba the Coccothrinax Crinita SSp Crinite, the special palm with long silky fibers on the trunk.  Also on exhibit are many kinds of plants and orchids such as the hundred cluster orchid and the lady-slipper orchid that blooms only once a year. 
Also as part of the holiday celebrations, Pattaya's Royal Garden Plaza is adorning its exterior with more than 5,000 meters of lights, that's over a million lights to cover the entire length of the exterior facade as well as a 15 meter high Christmas tree adorned with hundreds of ornaments to give visitors and tourists the feeling of a northern European Christmas Festival.   This event is part of the effort by Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya and the city to boost the tourism industry in town and to promote good citizenship as well as encourage tourists to visit Pattaya again and again.