Levi’s® Patterned to Please Teens

January 21, 2010

Iconic fashion jeans Levi’s® goes online to promote its brand, and opting to use the attractive multi-action window display to beef up its creative stance. Also to attract more fashion conscious wearers, the jeans maker is now introducing the new Levi’s® Indigo line with strong design accents and a grand “Indigo Modern Originals” event meant to help gross at least 10% growth this year.
Kevin Corning, General Manager of Fashion Apparel Division at DKSH (Thailand) Limited, the Thai distributor of Levi’s® Jeanswear stated that Thai fashion apparel and Jeanswear has walked a high competitive path and Levi’s® has stayed active in the market through a series of promotions and product launches. The stylish teen jeans market helped Levi’s® take in more than 10% growth last year with a total of overall sales at a whopping 40%. To further strengthen their brand stance, market strategies this year will concentrate on attracting teens and the young generations aged 18-25 by introducing a new jeans line that fit their demands of outstanding and edgy designs. Levi’s® also plans to open an additional 6 to 7 new shops this year but the company’s main focus is to continue growth of the existing market and stores. DKSH has experience and a reputation in the Asian market and very successful in Thailand. Mr. Corning stated the Levi’s ® can literally evaluate the tourism statistics by the total number of customers that shop their stores since majority of sales comes from tourists who frequent the Levi’s® stores. Mr. Corning stated that the three main factors in order to be successful in the apparel industry are: 1)Good Product, with a great design, 2) Marketing, understanding consumer wants and needs, 3)Distribution and Retail, investment in existing stores to help create good designs, appearance, and fixtures.
Mr. Ponsinh Boutkaska, Marketing Manager of Fashion Apparel Division at Diethelm Limited, the distributor of Levi® jeanswear and apparel in Thailand, says that in the first quarter of this year, the company plans to launch the new Levi’s® Indigo through the ‘Indigo Modern Originals’ activity. Designed to keep with the ‘Modern Originals’ styles, the Indigo jeans combines the simplicity of authentic denim wears with retro accents of the 1910 jeans designs with triangular waist labels, new belt loops, and the classic Levi’s® Two Horse on new white-and-blue patch, blue and silver buttons and rivets with triangular embossing, and authentic guarantee of removable stickers with collection-specific graphic with distinctive yellow and blue inner seams – all uniquely coherent with the Levi’s® brand.”
“And to outreach to the targeted groups, Levi’s® has chosen ‘Tony Rakkaen’ and ‘Ploy Horwang’ as the new presenters who, as teen idols, well represent the distinguished ‘original’ looks of the jeans. The company plans to spend about 10% of the marketing budget to create the brand awareness among the targeted through the fun and colourful perceptions which reiterates Levi’s® as the real iconic fashion jeans of the world. We are quite confident that with these strategies, we will be able to boost the sales growth for another 10% this year.”In 2009, the Thai jeans market enjoyed a value growth of about Bt500 million to Bt5 billion with Levi’s® taking solid market share of 40%.