Required Paperwork to become a Member 
Be absolutely sure that ALL paperwork is dated ON OR BEFORE YOUR OFFICIAL START DATE. If you are not sure what your start date is, please contact Laura (

1. AmeriCorps Application on the My AmeriCorps portal (click here for the posting) or Your Resume
2. Member Contract
3. AmeriCorps Eligibility form (this form requires either 
        [a] your US Passport, OR 
        [b] your driver's license and birth certificate
4. AmeriCorps Enrollment form
5. Health Insurance form
6. Childcare waiver form
7. Publicity release form
Paperwork for DPI's Payroll Department
1. W-4 Federal Withholding
2. WT-4 Wisconsin Withholding
3. Payroll Questionnaire
4. Direct deposit form and voided bank check
5. Veteran's New Hire form
6. Disability self-identification form
You will receive via US Mail a "Fingerprint Kit". You will need to contact your local police department to make an appointment to have your fingerprints returned to DPI... it is all explained in the kit!


After you have been approved as a member you and your supervisor will be asked to return:
Get to Know your Site form
Action Plan for your service

Be sure all forms are completed and submitted to Laura Paella as soon as possible. Faxing (or if you have access to a scanner, emailing) is the best way to get it to us! Fax # 608-266-1965 (Attn: Laura Paella).
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