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Formed: 1885
Became Johnstone Wanderers: 1891
Merged with Strathmore: 1894
Morgan Park (1885-1891; record attendance- 6,500 v Queen of the South Wanderers)[location on map is approximate]; Clepington Park [now Tannadice] (1891-1894)
Reserves: 2nd Wanderers

Morgan Park

Northern League History:
1892-93 - 7th
1893-94 - 6th (competition not completed)


Dundee Charity Cup:
1886-87, 1887-88
Runners-Up: 1890-91
Finalists: 1888-89

The 1888-89 Charity Cup final ended Dundee Harp 2-2 Wanderers. The tie was never replayed as both clubs refused to replay as their request to obtain a third each of the gate money was declined.

2nd XI
2nd XI Forfarshire Cup
Winners: 1888-89

Note: Wanderers FC were commonly referred to as Dundee Wanderers long before their name change to Johnstone Wanderers and subsequent merger with Strathmore when the official name of the new side actually was Dundee Wanderers. To avoid confusion any reference to (Johnstone) Wanderers (1885-1894) on this site will omit the "Dundee" from the name.