Welcome to Dundee's Footballing Victorians. This site intends to house some historical information on senior football in the city of Dundee in the Victorian era; Dundee FC and, particularly, the two clubs that came together in 1893 to form the Dark Blues- Our Boys & East End. The pages within the Dundee FC section that store the average and record attendances of Dundee FC down the years owe much to Norrie Price and his publications - "Up Wi' the Bonnets" and "They Wore the Dark Blue" as well as input from individuals using David Ross's "The Roar of the Crowd" publication as their source. I have also attempted to list the games played by Our Boys and East End between 1877 and 1893 but still require help in completing this project. If you are aware of any games played by these sides not on the list then send me an email 

Much of the information on individual clubs comes from Brian McColl's Club Directory as well as my own "research". In particular, this relates to identifying lesser known Dundee senior clubs and the grounds they played on. Other sources of information are cited throughout the site. The site is a work  in progress so will be constantly updated. Any images of club football strips and colours are copyright Historical Football Kits and reproduced by kind permission.