Forthcoming Publications
  • "John Amos Comenius’s Universal Learning and Its Philosophical Reception in Descartes, Bayle, and Leibniz," I Think, Therefore I Teach:  Evolutions in Early Modern Education. (Collected Volume on Brill)
  • "Virtual Reality as Experiential Learning: A Case Study in Anxiety and Walking the Plank," Teaching Philosophy 42:1 (2019): 29-39. (Now Available)
Upcoming Conferences, Workshops, Etc.

Spring 2019
            - “Mary Shepherd’s Teleological Argument”
                        - Society for the Study of Early Modern Women at the American Philosophical Association Pacific Division (Vancouver, BC)
                        - Chicago Modern Philosophy Roundtable, University of Illinois, Chicago (Chicago, IL)

            - "Women's Autonomy in Jacqueline Pascal" (Coauthored with Dwight Lewis)
                        Main Program, American Philosophical Association Pacific Division Meeting (Vancouver, BC)

Summer 2019
            - Hamilton College Summer Program in Philosophy, teaching "Existentialism Lived"

Selected Recent Activity

Conferences and Competitive Workshops
  • June 2018, Mary Shepherd: Causation, Perception, and Knowledge of the External World. New York University.  Participation and funding awarded by the Journal of the History of Philosophy.
  • April 2018, “Hume’s Pascalian Antidote: Skepticism and its Skeptical Solutions.” Chicago Modern Philosophy Roundtable. (Loyola University - Chicago, Chicago, IL)
  • April 2018, “Recapturing Philosophy as a Conversation.” Inclusive Methodologies and Pedagogies. (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA). Invited Speaker.