Courses Taught (Instructor of Record)

Undergraduate (Advanced):
Modern Political Thought
Medieval Philosophy
Philosophy of Religion
Skepticism, Knowledge, and Faith
Contemporary Moral Issues
Existentialism **
Philosophy in Film (Honors)
Phenomenology of Gender and Race (Directed Study)

Undergraduate (Lower Level)
Foundations of Philosophy *
Ethical Theory *
Philosophy of Human Nature
Formal Logic
Critical Thinking
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Ethics  
Ethics in Film

Introduction to Philosophy

*  Teaching Spring 2019 (Marquette University)
** Teaching Summer 2019 (Hamilton College)

Courses Assisted as a TA

            Philosophy of Science
Assisting Eric Winsberg)

About My Teaching

In my courses I try to capture philosophy's role in cultivating better minds and persons. This includes engaging students inside and outside the classroom through creating thoughtful assignments with application beyond the course itself. I incorporate active learning into my pedagogy whenever possible, and experiential learning through immersive experiences. For example, I teach existentialist anxiety and human irrationality using Virtual Reality and I utilize service learning to foster critical thinking and an understanding for different perspectives.

My full statement of teaching philosophy is available here.

Publications in Philosophical Pedagogy
  • "Virtual Reality as Experiential Learning: A Case Study in Anxiety and Walking the Plank," Teaching Philosophy 42:1 (2019): 29-39. (Now Available)
Formal Recognition and Development
  • Member, American Association of Philosophy Teachers
  • AAPT Teaching-Learning Workshop, IU-Bloomington (2017)
  • Invited Presentation: "Recapturing Philosophy as a Conversation." Inclusive Methodologies and Pedagogies MAP Conference. University of Pennsylvania (2018)
  • Submitted Presentation: "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, or Teaching Beyond the Philosophical Canon." APA Central Division Meeting (2016)
  • Selected from a competitive pool to design and teach a pedagogically innovative course, "Existentialism Lived," at the Hamilton College Summer Program in Philosophy. (2019)
  • Recognized by the University of South Florida's Office of the Provost for Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Student, one of two awards for the College of Arts & Sciences. (2013)