Courses Taught (Instructor of Record)

Undergraduate (Advanced):
Modern Political Thought
Medieval Philosophy
Philosophy of Religion
Skepticism, Knowledge, and Faith
Contemporary Moral Issues
Philosophy in Film (Honors)
Phenomenology of Gender and Race (Directed Study)

Undergraduate (Lower Level)
Foundations of Philosophy 
Ethical Theory
Philosophy of Human Nature
Formal Logic
Critical Thinking
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Ethics  
Ethics in Film

Introduction to Philosophy

Courses Assisted as a TA

            Philosophy of Science
Assisting Eric Winsberg)

About My Teaching

In my courses I try to capture philosophy's role in cultivating better minds and persons. This includes engaging students inside and outside the classroom through creating thoughtful assignments with application beyond the course itself. I incorporate active learning into my pedagogy whenever possible, and experiential learning through immersive experiences. For example, I teach existentialist anxiety and human irrationality using Virtual Reality and I utilize service learning to foster critical thinking and an understanding for different perspectives.

My full statement of teaching philosophy is available here.

Publications in Philosophical Pedagogy
  • "Virtual Reality as Experiential Learning: A Case Study in Anxiety and Walking the Plank," Teaching Philosophy 42:1 (2019): 29-39. (Now Available)
Formal Recognition and Development
  • Member, American Association of Philosophy Teachers
  • AAPT Teaching-Learning Workshop, IU-Bloomington (2017)
  • Invited Presentation: "Recapturing Philosophy as a Conversation." Inclusive Methodologies and Pedagogies MAP Conference. University of Pennsylvania (2018)
  • Submitted Presentation: "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, or Teaching Beyond the Philosophical Canon." APA Central Division Meeting (2016)
  • Selected from a competitive pool to design and teach a pedagogically innovative course, "Existentialism Lived," at the Hamilton College Summer Program in Philosophy. (2019)
  • Recognized by the University of South Florida's Office of the Provost for Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Student, one of two awards for the College of Arts & Sciences. (2013)