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Diamond Point Airport Association

Calendar 2017


Review standing committees: 1)By Laws  2)Budget/Finance  3)Audit  4)Airport Maintenance  5)Nominating/Ballot (appoint in July)


General Membership Meeting - Members approve annual budget


General Membership Meeting - President appoint nomination committee. 1 Board Member, 2 Member-at-Large. Ratify


General Membership Meeting - Nominating committee presents slate of regular members of Board of Directors

Nominations from the floor

Budget committee present proposed budget, ratify and put on ballot

Insurance Policy for modification and ratification


Mail ballots for election with budget, newsletter, dues and fees notice, and January meeting notice (at least 30 day prior)


Ballots counted by Nominating/Ballot committee prior to this meeting and results reported at meeting.



The By-Laws:  Officers 2 year terms: Board members at-large 3 year terms.

President and Secretary elected in even years

Vice President and Treasurer elected in odd years

President -- Ernie, 2 year 2016-2017, Nomination needed 10/2017

Secretary --  Ginny, 2 year 2016-2017, Nomination needed 10/2017

Vice President -- Rich, 2 year 2017-2018, Nomination needed 10/2018

Treasurer -- Tom, 2 year 2017-2018, Nomination needed 10/2018 

At-Large -- Mindy, 3 year 2015-2017, Nomination needed 10/2017

                    John J., 3 year 2016-2018, Nomination needed 10/2018

                 Herb, 3 year 2017-2019, Nomination needed 10/2019

BOARD meetings normally 1st  Monday of the month.

General Membership meetings the 3rd Saturday of the 1st month of every quarter at the Firehouse.



Diamond Point Airport is a private facility.  You must receive approval by a Diamond Point Airport Association (DPAA) member to land here.  All persons receiving permission must read and abide by the Airport Procedures Briefing.

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