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Below is a list of issues that were identified on my old campaign website, found HERE.   The list will be updated as more information becomes available.

  • Councillor not returning phone calls when a resident has a problem in their community
  • Replacement or repair of sewers that cause serious flooding in residential homes, some regularly
  • Unresponsive superintendent or property manager in Toronto Housing properties when there is a problem in resident's apartment/townhouse
  • Grafitti in apartment buildings that never gets cleaned (many gang-related)
  • Broken fences around Toronto Housing complexes that allow children to go onto neighbours' properties and either do damage or steal items
  • New developments in a community that are approved without the legitimate input from surrounding neighbourhoods.  Increased traffic, lack of sufficient sewage systems and increased crime are the consequences of new developments when not properly planned-for.
  • Construction and truck noise going through residential communities, as approved developments are being built. 
  • Speeding cars in many residential communities, drivers doing so with impunity.
  • High-speed traffic along Wilson Avenue, Weston Road and Albion Road that causes regular accidents and a danger to all residents in the area trying to go to/from their residential streets.
  • Language barriers from residents new to Canada who do not feel they are being heard.
  • Parents driving their children to school or picking them up who disobey parking rules around the school, creating a dangerous situation
  • Dumping of garbage in many communities - not only is the practice done with impunity, when MLS Waste is informed of the practice it is not cleaned up within a reasonable time.
  • Throwing small pieces of garbage on the ground in residential streets and parks that accumulate over time, making many neighbourhoods look ugly.
  • The fear of walking at night in their own community, along with the perception that neighbours will not help them if they become a victim of crime.
  • Seniors not being made aware of the multitude of programs and services available to them through the City of Toronto. 
  • The inability of Ward 7 residents to be informed of activities in their community due to a lack of communication from their local representative (website, newsletter, etc.)

Dealing with "Quality Of Life" issues is an on-going process, and new issues come up on a regular basis.  However, the input must come from the constituents of Ward 7 in order for this exercise to be successful.