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This website is designed for the constituents (both residential and business) in Toronto's Ward 7 (see map of Ward 7 to your right).  The purpose of the website is to identify and help solve the Ward's outstanding "Quality of Life" issues.  "Quality of Life" issues are problems we see or deal with on a day-to-day basis (such as crime, traffic or garbage) that need to be fixed or solved in order to make resident's lives better or businesses prosper.  Most importantly, these issues must NEVER be tolerated, since they become unmanageable and get worse over time.

But Why "Do Your Job Mammoliti?"

Mr. Giorgio (or George) Mammoliti is currently Ward 7's Councillor.  He was recently elected to a new four-year term in office and has been the Ward's Councillor for the past twelve years.  It is his responsibility to identify and deal with the Ward's "Quality of Life" issues, yet many constituents in Ward 7 (including myself) do not believe he is fulfilling his responsibilities in this regard.    As a candidate for Councillor in the last municipal election, I heard far too many complaints made of the Councillor.  

Below are references in the "Code of Conduct For Members of Council, City of Toronto (1999)", identifying his role as Councillor:

  • Members of Council shall serve and be seen to serve their constituents in a conscientious and diligent manner (see Preamble);
  • Members of Council shall seek to serve the public interest by upholding both the letter and spirit of the laws and policies established by the Federal Parliament, Ontario Legislature, or the City Council (see Preamble);
  • Councillors generally, for example:
    • represent the views of the public and exercise judgement to make decisions on behalf of them;
    • respond to resident inquiries or refer such inquiries to appropriate staff or other organizations and generally provide assistance to constituents (see Schedule to the Code of Conduct);

Therefore, this website will be used on an on-going basis to:

  • remind him of the many outstanding issues in Ward 7;
  • remind him of his role as Ward 7 Councillor, and,
  • will look for solutions elsewhere if he has steadfastly refused to deal with them (fully documented of course).

Parallels Of George Mammoliti And Maurice Duplessis

When designing this website, I could not help looking back at my days in University and comparing Mr. Mammoliti's years as Councillor with that of Maurice Duplessis, the  Premier of Quebec from 1936-59.  The Duplessis era was known as the "les annees noires" (or the Dark Ages) of Quebec history due to the lack of ideas & innovation in the Province, his connection with corporate & religious institutions, and heavy-handed response to opposition (one could tell which ridings voted against his leadership by the condition of their roads, for example).  One journalist referred to Mr. Duplessis as "Roi Negre" (Negro King) to reference his control over the constituents in Quebec (see HERE for more information).

There was a bright spot in Quebec's history, however, once Mr. Duplessis died in 1959.  It brought a renaissance in Quebec's cultural and political institutions, known affectionately as the "Quiet Revolution."  In effect, Mr. Duplessis' era initiated the modernization of Quebec.  It is my hope that once the dark ages of the Mammoliti era are over, Ward 7 will have its own renaissance and the new Councillor will introduce the same energy that Premier Jean Lesage did in Quebec.  Until that time, Mr. Mammoliti will be reminded of his responsibilities as Toronto Councillor.

Sincerely yours, 

Larry Perlman

A daily reminder that we must be patient when dealing with him

 A map of Ward 7