Josh Project

Utilizing the power of the Human-Animal Bond to create a “PAWSitive” impact in the life of a hospitalized child at 
UC Davis Children’s Hospital 

What is the Josh Project? 

Most children enter the hospital with little or no idea about what to expect. The goal of the Josh Project is to create a better understanding of the hospital experience for pediatric patients by utilizing the human-animal bond. Children at UC Davis Children’s Hospital are presented with a Josh and Friends kit which includes a “Josh” plush toy as well as the book entitled I’ll be OK. The book tells the story of a golden retriever named Josh who goes through an experience in a Veterinary Hospital, which ultimately helps him return to his normal healthy state. By following Josh through his illness, children learn about diagnostic procedures, surgery, and recovery all the while being affirmed by Josh’s phrase, “I’ll be OK.” Josh transforms a child's fearful expectations into a more manageable, exciting adventure, having an immediate positive impact on the child's well being.

Donate now!

$14.95 will purchase one child an "I'll be O.K." illustrated book
$19.95 will purchase one child a "Josh" plush golden retriever toy
$39.95 will purchase will purchase one child a Josh kit, which includes an "I'll be O.K." illustrated book, a "Josh" plush golden retriever toy and a cardboard "dog kennel"

In addition, for every kit purchased, $5 will be donated to the Children's Miracle Network for research and education to help save lives.

Any donation amount is greatly appreciated! Please click on the "Donate" button below to specify the amount you would like to donate.