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Operation MegaUpload
Welcome to all visitors who are here because of the recent Anonymous operation '#OpMegaUpload' in retaliation to the takedown of MegaUpload. This involved a DDoS attack on several government and industry websites in objection to the takedown of the file sharing website and in support of the free web.
Down With The Org is certainly against censorship and in support of free speech on and off the internet, however we are not Operation MegaUpload and do not encourage any illegal activity.

New to Anonymous?
Anonymous is not a group. Anonymous is an internet collective and a concept. One of the main ideas behind Anonymous is that without identity, any idea or argument can only be judged, supported or disputed on the merit of the idea itself, rather than who is saying it. It allows many people to unite behind an idea or a movement, but does not require total agreement. Anyone can say or do whatever they want under the banner of Anonymous - there are no leaders and no (serious) rules. These and other concepts allow both the amorphis actions of Anonymous as well as leading to some of the basic ideals that most, but not all, of Anonymous will agree on - for freedom, for free speech and information, for a free internet, against censorship, against abuse of power. Another strong motivation in Anonymous is 'the lulz'. Anonymous does not take itself seriously. We do things for the lulz - because we find them funny. Not everything Anonymous does is good and moral, not everything Anonymous does is supported by the majority of Anonymous.

This article by Wired is a brief history of the progression of Anonymous from internet hate machine to real world 'hacktivists'. Part 1 / Part 2

If you are only interested in projects like Operation MegaUpload and such operations against censorship (SOPA, PIPA etc.), I recommend checking out @AnonOps and looking under #Anonymous on Twitter and stop reading now. If you are interested in what we do here in Manchester Anonymous and Project Chanology, please read on.

Project Chanology
While many of us may also be involved in other Anonymous projects, Down With The Org is a site dedicated to Project Chanology - Anonymous's war against the Cult of Scientology. Project Chanology is the longest-running Anonymous project ever, marked Anonymous's first major protest against anything, and remains its largest real world action - with over nine thousand people attending the first IRL protest day worldwide (no, really).

Initially, Anonymous chose the so-called Church of Scientology because of their aggression in taking down a leaked internal video of Tom Cruise talking some crazy from the internets. The cult failed in their attempt, but had caught the attention of Anonymous - mainly on /b/ (NSFW (or anything else)). So utilising traditional techniques, Anonymous took down the Church of Scientology websites for days. Normally it would have stopped there. But further researching the organisation and its abuses against human rights, suppression of free speech and thought, control over its members, splitting of families, attacking of critics etc., Anonymous was still wanting more. This led to the declaration of war on the Cult of Scientology and the first IRL protest on February 10th, 2008.

Peaceful IRL protests and other methods of attack have been used ever since. Here at Manchester Anonymous, we have raided our local Scientology building at least once a month ever since and are still going strong. We do it for the cause and for the lulz. There are many other cells worldwide, many of which can be found at Why We Protest.

So please have a look around and find out more about the abuses of the Cult of Scientology. We invite you to Manchester's next protest.

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Expect us.

DISCLAIMER: This Website is not owned by, endorsed by and has no affiliation whatsoever with the 'Church of Scientology International', 'Dianetics', 'Religious Technology Center' or ANY associated groups. Full Disclaimer 
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