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Disconnection & Family

The 'Disconnection' policy is a majorly controversial aspect of Scientology. If a friend or family member of a
Scientologist is critical of Scientology (a 'Suppressive Person' or 'SP'), then they must either be 'handled'
(they must be made to approve of Scientology or at least silenced) or 'disconnected'. Disconnection means
that the Scientologist will write a letter (or make a phone call) to the person(s) in question, stating that they
do not want further contact with them. From that point onwards, in most situations, there will be no further
contact between them and often one will not even know where the other is living or if they are even alive.
As well as seperating Scientologists from their family members on the outside, it means that any Scientology
members who leave the cult will lose all contact with their family and friends on the inside, in some cases
their whole family and everyone they know.
From the stories of Ex-Scientologists, as well as the similarity between the letters/calls, it is clear that the
instructions come from the cult.
Disconnection is contained in this course 'How To Confront and Shatter Suppression - PTS/SP Course' 
at a cost of around £700:
Church of Scientology spokespersons attempt to deny the existance of Disconnection as a church
policy, however as the following video shows, they are lying.
There are many cases of Disconnection all over the world. Long term critic of Scientology, the late Ida
Camburn died in 2010, having not been able to speak to her Scientologist son since the 1970s, whom
she always said she loved.
A recent example of Disconnection is this story of a mother in London, whose daugher 
disconnected from her.
There is a new article on this story in the Telegraph. One day after the reporter contacted a Church of
Scientology representitive about the story, Natalie contacted her mother. Was this under the instruction
of the cult, in order to mitigate the effect of the story going public? You know what my guess is.
There are many more stories of Disconnection from all over the world. I will continue to add
videos of Disconnection and other effects of Scientology on families to this page.
Meanwhile, more information about the Disconnection Policy can be found at
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