European Megaraid

Dublin European Megaraid, June 29th - August 1st

Thanks to Irish and international Anonymous, as well as all the other organisers and guests.
Below is a small sample of the win. The original event information page is here.

Weekend Videos

Berlin video:

French video:

Dublin Offlines Anti-Scientology Conference Videos

Dr Martin Poulter: Scientology Expert

John Duignan: Ex-Scientologist, Author of 'The Complex'

Sharone Stainforth: Was LRH Commodores Messenger Aged 10)

David Edgar Love: Ex-Narconon Patient & Staff

Anne Robinson: Disconnected Sister

Gabrielle Wynne: Ex-Scientologist

Jamie Dewolf: Great Grandson of L. Ron Hubbard

Full livestream recording here.

More conference videos to come, talks by:

International Anonymous Interviews

AUGUST 25th 2012

Les Anons de France organisent un raid international à Paris le 25 août 2012, face au : 69 rue Legendre 75017 Paris.

Le premier raid commencera à 15h00. Ensuite un évènement surprise sera organisé.

Places pour dormir sur Paris dispo, Vicieux contacter uniquement par PM.


Anon french fags will do an INTERNATIONAL RAID in Paris August 25st.

To protest against the Cult of $cientology, to celebrate our victories on court vs this criminal cult.
Rooms for foreingn anons are aviable, contact Vicieux by PM only to get one.

First raid will start at 3:00 PM in front of the Celebrity Center in Paris : 69 rue Legendre 75017 Paris.

An after will be organized but it will stay confidential until the end of the raid.

channel : #chanology

Discussion: WWP / WWP

Twitter contact: @AnonymeVicieux

DISCLAIMER: This Website is not owned by, endorsed by and has no affiliation whatsoever with the 'Church of Scientology International', 'Dianetics', 'Religious Technology Center' or ANY associated groups. Full Disclaimer 
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