Concerns about acid reflux can range from occasional indigestion after a large meal, to life threatening diseases such as cancer. This book is designed as a reference to help sufferers whatever stage their problem is.

Symptoms of acid reflux: Although there are many symptoms that could be attributable to acid reflux, from severe abdominal cramps to dry eyes, from vomiting blood to dizziness,  many may not experience any identifiable symptoms at all. It is also important to remember that many of the symptoms listed may be attributable to other factors which may need to be ruled out first.

The most commonly identified symptom is heartburn (which is nothing to do with the heart).
Chest pains may be from acid reflux but an ECG  may be necessary to determine they aren't actually from the heart.
"Water Brash" is an excess of saliva or a bitter taste to the saliva that may be an indication of acid (or bile) reflux.
Difficulty swallowing should always be investigated by a doctor.

An extensive list of other possible symptoms may be found in the chapter on Extra-Oesophageal Reflux or see the Symptom checker in the appendix.