The next edition of this book will have some minor revisions which will soon be downloadable here.
They will be minor changes only reflecting new research evidence or additions requested by readers.

1. "PPI dangers" will be added to, or replace, the "Controversy over long term medication" on pages 9 and 10.

2. A section on "good" and "bad" foods will be added to either the Acid - "Natural remedies" section (pages 11 - 16) or the Myths and Misconceptions section (pages 81 and 82)

3. The description of Hiatus Hernia (page 23) will be expanded and diagram added.

4. It is possible the extra-oesophageal reflux survey may be re-run in which case any new findings will replace those shown on page 25.

5. The statistics on prevalence of Barrett's Oesophagus in UK now indicate the probability of 3 million with the condition. Accordingly the risk table of progression shown on page 47 has been reassessed with a risk of progression to oeosphageal cancer from Non-dysplastc Barrett's to be 0.2% rather than 0.7%.

6. This Simply Put description of the genesis of Barrett's Oesophagus may be added to the Barrett's Oesophagus section (pages 46 and 47).

8. Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis may be added as a possible related respiratory condition along with Pneumonia and Bronchiectasis (page 76).

9. The Option Grid (page 86) will no longer provide an expiry date, having been re-approved.

10. The Where to Get Help page (87) will include a link to the Barrett's Oesophagus UK site ( and another to the Barrett's on-line forum while the item describing the work of Barrett's Wessex will just say "The charity holds regular drop-in meetings" rather than detailing the expanding list of venues and dates (which may be found on their website).

There may also be other minor changes / additions as new research emerges.

This website will also see a few slight alterations as progressive page links will be provided to enable sequential reading (as if following the printed book).