Forever Freckles Beau is a Quarter Horse born in 1996. He is the same age as my youngest daughter. Beau is an amazing horse. I found him as a fluke when I was looking for the perfect horse to begin my program of horsemanship for riders with special needs. I saw Beau for the first time, he had just returned from a long month at Police training academy. Beau unfortunately did not have what it takes to be a police horse, he was easily upset by the bomb training, and deemed unsuitable.  When walking up to the paddock, Beau looked thin and high strung. When I approached with my three small daughters, I watched as Beau walked up to the fence, lowered his head and sniffed at the outstreached little hands. I was sold, Beau had something special that I saw at that moment was soon to become the foundation horse of my dream.