Mr. Downs Home Page

Mr. Downs is an Athletic Director and High School Social Studies Teacher at the River Ridge school district in Hanover IL.
Mr. Downs upcoming reminders for the 2016-2017 school year.
World Geography- Beginning for the First semester, we will be covering the American mainland countries in North, Central and Southern America.  We will also learn about Australia and New Zealand. Our 1st 9 weeks projects will consist of American countries while the second quarter project will be on European countries. Finals will be in January.
Western Civilization - Beginning the First semester, we will be studying the development of man and civilization. Our first nine weeks project will consist of researching and making a model of the different landmarks in the world. Second Quarter we will discuss the development of Ancient Greece and Egypt.  Finals will be in January.
Sociology -Beginning the first semester, we will be covering chapters 1-6.  The 1st 9 weeks project will consist of the different types of prejudice in the world. We will presenting them in October.  The second quarter project deals with court cases that have determined major sociological issues in the United States. This project will be presented in December. The Final will be cumulative in January over the first and second semester.
Current Events - In the first semester we will be discussing the consequences of the Obama presidential reform and other issues occurring here in the United States and around the world.  We will be doing our current events quarter projects over a major issues in the world today  These will be due in October and December.  Map Quizzes will also occur at least 2 times in the First 9 weeks starting with the 50 states.  Finals will be in January.
Tests and Quizzes - 50%
Projects - 25%
Homework - 25%
First 9 weeks grade - 40%
Second 9 weeks grade - 40%
Final - 20%
Finals are at the end of the semester.