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Movie Title :Grudge, The

Karen Davis is a woman residing in Japan with her boyfriend, who is studying there. Temporarily assigned to be caretaker for a woman with severe sleeping disorder, Karen goes to the patient's house. What she finds is something she would never expect. The house is plagued by the presence of murderous ghosts, the result of a curse. The curse is born from someone dying in a powerful rage. Now, Karen finds herself being tormented by that curse, as it eventually starts claiming it's victims.

Year : 2004

Genres : Mystery Horror Thriller

Rating [imdb] : 5.70

It never forgives. It never forgets. Once you see it, you can never forget. Once it sees you, you can never escape. The whole time I was in that house, I knew something was wrong. They say that when someone dies in a powerful rage. A curse is made. Do you have a grudge? The curse is about to claim another victim. Even if you die, you can never escape. (Japan)

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Actors : Sarah Michelle Gellar=Karen Jason Behr=Doug William Mapother=Matthew Clea DuVall=Jennifer KaDee Strickland=Susan Grace Zabriskie=Emma Bill Pullman=Peter Rosa Blasi=Maria Ted Raimi=Alex Ryo Ishibashi=Nakagawa Yoko Maki=Yoko Yuya Ozeki=Toshio Takako Fuji=Kayako Takashi Matsuyama=Takeo Hiroshi Matsunaga=Igarashi Hajime Okayama=Suzuki Yoshiyuki Morishita=Guard Kazuyuki Tsumura=Peter's Co-Worker Taigi Kobayashi=Policeman Junko Koizumi=Mother

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Directors : Takashi Shimizu

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