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Movie Title :Connors' War

Connors is a blind cia hero who is given his back his eyesight for 48 hours to complete one last topsecret mission. He soon learns that the mission was not what he thought it was and enlists the help of a beautiful doctor to hunt down those that betrayed him before it is too late!

Year : 2006

Genres : Action

Rating [imdb] : 4.60

They'll never see him coming... It's Personal. It's War.

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Actors : Anthony 'Treach' Criss=Connors (as Treach) Nia Peeples=Amanda Blu Mankuma=Brooks Tom Heaton=Howard Garwin Sanford=Darryl Greene Warren Derosa=Barnes Bill Meilen=Dr. Mackenzie P. Lynn Johnson=First Lady Robin Mossley=Hotel Manager Elias Toufexis=Captain Santo Lombardo=Waiter Claude Knowlton=Latino Man David Coles=Gunman #2 Bobby L. Stewart=G Section Guard Jano Frandsen=Three Star General Sage Brocklebank=Major Michael St. John Smith=Police Chief Ian Marsh=Federal Agent #1 Glenn Ennis=Gate Security Brenda Crichlow=Reporter

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Directors : Nick Castle

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