Download Top Gun (1986) Movie Full HD, DivX, DVD

Download Top Gun (1986) Movie Full HD, DivX, DVD

Summary movie - Top Gun (1986)

Maverick is a hot pilot. When he encounters a pair of MiGs over the Persian Gulf, his wingman is clearly outflown and freaks. On almost no fuel, Maverick is able to talk him back down to the Carrier. When his wingman turns in his wings, Maverick is moved up in the standings and sent to the Top Gun Naval Flying School. There he fights the attitudes of the other pilots and an old story of his father's death in combat that killed others due to his father's error. Maverick struggles to be the best pilot, stepping on the toes of his other students and in a different way to Charlie, a civilian instructor to whom he is strongly attracted.

Download Top Gun (1986) Movie

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Watch Trailer - Top Gun (1986) Movie

Watch Trailer - Top Gun (1986) Movie

The macho students of an elite US Flying school for advanced fighter pilots compete to be best in the class, and one romances the teacher.

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Directed By: Tony Scott
Actors: Tom Cruise (Maverick)
Kelly McGillis (Charlie)
Val Kilmer (Iceman)
Anthony Edwards (Goose)
Tom Skerritt (Viper)
Michael Ironside (Jester)
John Stockwell (Cougar)
Barry Tubb (Wolfman)
Rick Rossovich (Slider)
Tim Robbins (Merlin)
Clarence Gilyard Jr. (Sundown)
Whip Hubley (Hollywood)
James Tolkan (Stinger)
Meg Ryan (Carole)
Adrian Pasdar (Chipper)
Randall Brady (Lt. Davis)
Duke Stroud (Air Boss Johnson)
Brian Sheehan (Sprawl)
Ron Clark (Inquiry Commander)
Frank Pesce (Bartender)

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