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Movie Title :Outbreak

A virus similar to Ebola Lassa is discovered in Africa in 1969. 25 years later, it resurfaces and Col. Sam Daniels of the U.S. Army is sent in to investigate it. When he returns he warns his boss, BrigadierGen. Ford, of the lethal nature of the virus and wants to put out an alert. Ford, who had been one of the men who first dealt with the virus, insists the virus is contained and unlikely to show up in the U.S. What neither man knows is that the host a monkey has been brought into the U.S. by freighter. Through an underthetable bribe, a young man gets the monkey out of the animaltesting lab it was bound for. Soon, the man is infected and Col. Daniels' exwife, Dr. Keough now with the CDC is called into Boston when the young man is brought to a hospital in critical condition. Dr. Keough discovers that the man has died from the virus, and at the same time on the other side of the country a new outbreak is starting in a little California town. A quarantine is set up to stop the virus from spreading, while Ford's boss, the sinister MajorGen. McClintock, has his own agenda in mind to harness this lethal bug for use as a bioweapon. With the President about to order a fuelair bomb to be dropped on the little town to stop the outbreak, Daniels must find a way to unravel McClintock's sinister plan...

Year : 1995

Genres : Drama Thriller Sci-Fi

Rating [imdb] : 6.40

Try to remain calm. This animal carries a deadly virus... and the greatest medical crisis in the world is about to happen.

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Actors : Dustin Hoffman=Col. Sam Daniels Rene Russo=Robby Keough Morgan Freeman=Brig. Gen. Billy Ford Kevin Spacey=Maj. Casey Schuler Cuba Gooding Jr.=Maj. Salt Donald Sutherland=Maj. Gen. Donald McClintock Patrick Dempsey=Jimbo Scott Zakes Mokae=Dr. Benjamin Iwabi Malick Bowens=Dr. Raswani Susan Lee Hoffman=Dr. Lisa Aronson Benito Martinez=Dr. Julio Ruiz Bruce Jarchow=Dr. Mascelli Leland Hayward III=Henry Seward Daniel Chodos=Rudy Alvarez Dale Dye=Lt. Col. Briggs Kara Keough=Kate Jeffries Gina Menza=Mrs. Jeffries Per Didrik Fasmer=Mr. Jeffries Michelle Joyner=Sherry Mauldin Donald Forrest=Mack Mauldin

Directors : Wolfgang Petersen

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