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Movie Title :Wrong Turn 2

Dale Murphy (Henry Rollins) is hosting and producing his own reality T.V show called "The Ultimate Survivalist," with six contestants lead by Nina Papas (Erica Leerhsen) who'll be thrown together for six days in a simulated postapocalyptic wasteland. Located in a remote part of West Virginia, the contestants discover that what they are really fighting for is their survival against a family of hideously deformed inbred cannibals who plan to ruthlessly butcher them all... Who will survive?

Year : 2007

Genres : Horror Thriller

Rating [imdb] : 5.60

Fear Comes to a Dead End Terror Returns To The Woods

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Actors : Erica Leerhsen=Nina Henry Rollins=Dale Texas Battle=Jake Aleksa Palladino=Mara Daniella Alonso=Amber Steve Braun=Jonesy Matthew Currie Holmes=M Crystal Lowe=Elena Kimberly Caldwell=Kimberly Wayne Robson=Old Timer Ken Kirzinger=Pa Ashlea Earl=Ma Clint Carleton=Brother Rorelee Tio=Sister Jeff Scrutton=Three Finger Cedric De Souza=Neil John Stewart=Wojo Bro Gilbert=Chris Patton Oswalt=Tommy (voice) Joe Lynch=Guy on TV Screen (uncredited)

Directors : Joe Lynch

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