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Movie Title :Darkman

Scientist Peyton Westlake is working on a project to create synthetic skin. Now the skin he has developed has a flawmdashit will not remain stable for more than 99 minutes. His girlfriend, Julie, a lawyer is investigating a developer. She leaves some incriminating documents at Peyton's. One night Peyton was working when the lights in his lab went out, he then discovers that the synthetic skin has remained stable past 99 minutes, he deduces that it's because of light that the skin doesn't remain stable. And it is at that moment that a psychotic criminal, Robert Durant appears demanding the documents that Julie left there. They beat up Peyton, and after finding the documents they blow up Peyton's lab. Peyton was blown away and everybody believes he is dead but in reality, he was found, burned seriously and a new procedure was performed on him that renders him unable to sense pain, he also now has tremendous strength and is now prone to violent outbursts. He is now working on perfecting the synthetic skin and at the same using his technology to make synthetic skin masks of the men who attacked him so that he could strike back at them.

Year : 1990

Genres : Action Crime Horror Thriller Sci-Fi

Rating [imdb] : 6.30

Now, Crime Has a New Enemy, And Justice Has a New Face! Who is Darkman? In the darkest hour, there is a light that shines on every human being...but ONE! They destroyed everthing he had, everything he was. Now, crime has a new enemy and justice has a new face.

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Actors : Liam Neeson=Peyton Westlake / Darkman Frances McDormand=Julie Hastings Colin Friels=Louis Strack Jr. Larry Drake=Robert G. Durant Nelson Mashita=Yakitito Jessie Lawrence Ferguson=Eddie Black Rafael H. Robledo=Rudy Guzman Dan Hicks=Skip (as Danny Hicks) Ted Raimi=Rick (as Theodore Raimi) Dan Bell=Smiley Nicholas Worth=Pauly Aaron Lustig=Martin Katz Arsenio 'Sonny' Trinidad=Hung Fat Said Faraj=Convenience Store Clerk Nathan Jung=Chinese Warrior Professor Toru Tanaka=Chinese Warrior #2 John Lisbon Wood=Carnival Booth Attendant Frank Noon=Side Show Barker William Dear=Limo Driver Julius Harris=Gravedigger

Directors : Sam Raimi

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