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Our Main product:

Pole Transformers, Conventional/CSP Type, 10KVA~ 500KVA up to 36KV (34.5KV GrdY/19.9KV)
Pad-Mounted Transformers , 75KVA~5000KVA up to 36KV
Substation Transformers, 75KVA~5000KVA up to 36KV H.V. Bil:200KV

Cast Resin Transformer 75KVA~5000KVA up to 36KV
Current Transformers, 10/20:5A, 25/50:5A, 50/100:5A, 15KV Class : 0.3, 15KV
Instrument (Potential)Transformers, 50VA,75VA 8.4KV,15KV,12KV or 24KV/120V Class : 0.3

Dry Type Transformers, B/F/H Class, up to 1000KVA, below 600V
Power Capacitors, 10KVAR ~ 50KVAR & Oil Switchs
IVR, Single/Three Phase, up to 1000KVA, below 600V

Power Transformer, 50VA~500KVA, Input 380-220V /Output 12V,24V or as required
Silicon Steel Core & Coil
Street Lamp Flood Lighting,

last update: May. 21 2012