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Download navegador iGO primo, the flagship OEM product in the iGO Navigation range combines simplicity of use with the most recent technological advances in features and functionality. 


  • State-of-the-art intuitive UI
  • Truck features
  • Latest Map Guarantee
  • Connected features
  • Intuitive features
  • Fleet and mobile resource management
  • HD 3D Visual Experience

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Android iGO Primo 2012 v9.6.7.235654 and the CIS | 3.67 GB

iPhone / iPad iGO Primo 2012 v9.6.7.235654 and the CIS | 3.89 GB

iGO primo boxThe new version of GPS navigation on iGO, market leader in providing software applications PDAs, smartphones and communicators with a navigation module (PNA, PDA, and the like). Despite the fact that the procedure improved functional software, redesigned menu, new skins and voice support, iGO remain easily accessible to use navigation system. With an intuitive interface and fast response, one or two clicks on the screen and the gadget will allow access to all of the many functions of the application, it is not distracted from the road.

A separate note, the kit added a set of maps provided by several leading developers of GPS maps and atlases. They are not only one of the most detailed, but also more visually adapted to the perception of the driving. And to be honest, interesting, that there is something there. A map accuracy, say from the same TeleAtlas unrivaled. 

Almost immediately after the release of the first version of the IGO, the program has won great popularity among outdoor enthusiasts and car enthusiasts around the world. The producers have never stayed there and constantly improved his brainchild. iGO has become synonymous with GPS navigation for PNA and PDA. iGO Primo currently has no competitor in a GPS positioning. The interface itself is very pleasing to the eye, and the information is easy to read even while driving. 

And again with the release of the next build a user has more than 40 new features and hundreds of improvements to the engine and in addition to an innovative interface, make a new breakthrough in the history of the IGO. 

• Feature ("Driver Alerts"), back-prohibitive and traffic signs  • Realistically displayed intersections and road junctions and impressive three-dimensional navigation for the first time on the market with iGO 9.6 Primo navegador • a thoroughly calculate the optimum route, taking into account the time of day. 

Supported languages: 

Lang_English-uk  Lang_English-us  Lang_German 

List of maps 

  • Austria_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Austria_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Belarus_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Belgium_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Belgium_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • BelgiumTA_2010.06_100702 
  • Bosnia Herzegovina_NQ_2012 
  • Bulgaria_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Croatia_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Canada _NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Croatia_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Czech Republic_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Czech Republic_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Denmark_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Denmark_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Eastern_EuropeTA_MajorRoads_2007.10_080304 
  • Estonia_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Estonia_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Europe_UNAV_Alternative Petrol Stations_2011 
  • Finland_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Finland_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • France_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • France_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Germany_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Germany_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410. 
  • Greece_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Greece_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Hungary_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Hungary_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Hungary_TM_Rich POI_2012.04_120607 
  • Iceland_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Italy_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Italy_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Latvia_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Latvia_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Lithuania_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Lithuania_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Luxembourg_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Luxembourg_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Moldova_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Montenegro_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Netherlands_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Netherlands_NQ_Truck_2012 
  • Norway_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Norway_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Poland_Emapa_2012.04_120607 
  • Poland_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Poland_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Portugal_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Portugal_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Russia_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Russia_TomTom_Premium_2011.12_120118 
  • Serbia_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Slovakia_NQ_2012.Q1_120411 
  • Slovakia_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Slovenia_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Slovenia_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Spain_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Spain_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Sweden_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Sweden_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Switzerland_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Switzerland_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • Turkey_NQ_2011.Q2_110718 
  • Ukraine_CarteBlanche_2012.04_120607 
  • Ukraine_NQ_2012.Q1_120410 
  • United Kingdom_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410 
  • USA_NQ_Truck_2012.Q1_120410