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Full length Hounddog is available to download here for free. Also, with highest quality, good speed and genuine safety. HOUNDDOG is writer-director Deborah Kampmeier's controversial story of lost innocence set in rural Alabama in the 1950s. Heavy with the dank, rustic hues of the South, the film is a powerfully vivid and imagistic portrayal of the power of music to overcome the greatest of obstacles. The superbly accomplished child star Dakota Fanning turns in the performance of her career as Lewellen, a tomboy who finds escape from her life with a sternly religious grandmother (Piper Laurie) and a brutish, alcoholic father (David Morse) with her dreams of singing with her idol, Elvis Presley.

Lewellen's best friend, Buddy (Cody Hanford), reveals that Elvis will be performing in their town, and the pair scheme to see the show. Before long, Lewellen's guileless impersonations of Elvis's provocative, hip-swiveling "Hounddog" become misconstrued, and she becomes a victim of the lecherous advances of an older teen with promises of a concert ticket. While HOUNDDOG occasionally gets heavy-handed with Biblical allusions--snakes and torrential rains appear repeatedly in the film--the story is, ultimately, a redemptive one; the performances--especially Fanning's--are believable and serve the story well. And thanks to the gentle guidance of a local medicine man (Afemo Omilami), our young protagonist learns that the rock & roll she loves has deep roots in the blues, and like all great blues music, comes out of overcoming the deep sorrow of life's tribulations.

HOUNDDOG is a provocative Southern tale set in the late 1950's rural Alabama. A precocious but troubled young girl living in 1950s-era Alabama seeks solace in the music of Elvis Presley in director Deborah Kampmeier's controversial tale of childhood trauma and musical healing. An air of repression lingers over the home of spirited youngster Lewellen (Dakota Fanning), who finds both comfort in the music of pop-sensation Presley, as well as a place to store her pain and anger. In time Lewellen begins to find her own voice, a voice that will instill her with the strength to move beyond the pain of her past and into a more hopeful future.

Lewellen is deeply talented and finds comfort and safety, as well as a place to put her hurt and rage, in the music of Elvis Presley. When Elvis Presley comes to town for a concert, Lewellen is desperate to go but has no money for a ticket. Her best friend, Buddy, trying to get her a ticket, arranges for her to do her Elvis impersonation for a local teenager in exchange for tickets to the concert. During the impersonation, the teenager attacks Lewellen and steals her innocence.

The attack leaves Lewellen feeling alone and hopeless. It is only the caretaker CHARLES (Afemo Omilami) who can see the spirit in Lewellen and save her soul. He teaches her to use The Blues, to turn her tragedy into a gift. Lewellen ultimately finds her true voice, giving her the strength and courage to walk away from her past and into her future.

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OUNDDOG is writer-director Deborah Kampmeier's controversial story of lost innocence set in rural Alabama in the 1950s. Heavy with the dank, rustic hues of the South, the film is a powerfully vivid and imagistic portrayal of the power of...