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download free editing photo software - Sharks -
Sharks - Bite Size Fun And Facts For Kids - Amazing Shark Photos, Funny Cartoons And Bite Size Shark Facts - For Kids (To Get Their Teeth Into)
Sharks - Bite Size Fun And Facts For Kids - Amazing Shark Photos, Funny Cartoons And Bite Size Shark Facts - For Kids (To Get Their Teeth Into)
Why do kids love sharks? Well, apart from being frighteningly fun, sharks are fascinating creatures. Children are naturally curious about the world around them and love animals of all shapes and sizes, especially the big scary ones!
This book is designed to engage and captivate children's imaginations by making learning both fun and easy.

Take a look at what's inside: "Sharks - Bite Size Fun And Facts For Kids"

About Sharks
Shark Anatomy
Shark Habitat
How Fast?
Super Senses
What's For Dinner?
Junk Food
Shark's Teeth
Baby Sharks
Range of Sizes
Gentle Giants
Great White Shark
Yuck! You Taste Awful
The Megalodon
Shark Myths
Author's Note

[EDIT] Kwon Yuri.
[EDIT] Kwon Yuri.
05.12.1989 ¦ 05.12.2011 Happy 23rd Birthday, Kwon Yuri. Today is MONDAY! Babo yah~ I'd designed and written for Soo Jung and TOP. I designed so well. I wrote so lengthy. Then why when it comes to you...I cant do anything right? For a person like you, words are not enough. Nice graphics are not enough. For a perfectionist...perfect is just good enough. Though this graphic is not perfect...but I put all my love, all my feelings for you into it:). Kwon Yuri Who is elegant, beautiful. Who is kkab, cute, funny. Who is sexy, hot, manly. How can a person has too many personalities? Who is the real you? As I've read from a fanmade photobook, the main title of it is "Glass Mask". It said an actor, when they wear a Glass Mask on, they act but it looks like they dont, and the audiences is mesmerized too much til they believe the character is the real actor. No matter how many times I've watched you on shows, perfs. I still feel like you're wearing a Glass Mask, Yuri. It's never be enough if it's you. You're so near...yet so far. I want to touch the darkest place in your heart. But like the brightest star in the sky, I should just look and admire, is it? Cant be reached, cant be felt. To be one of million of your fans, is the luckiest thing ever happened in my entire life:). They said I'm crazy. You will never know me. But they're wrong, they dont understand. You know me, Yuri. As a Sone:). As a Yurisistable:). and I'm very proud Yul:p. I'm a perfectionist too, Yuri. And you're the one and only perfectionist of me:). ! The concert day is near. My dream is about to be fulfill. Whisper "Happy Birthday to you, jagiya". ! --- "Together, Virgo and #Sagittarius are nothing but trouble!" LMFAO~ We're Trouble Maker jagiya~ --- Edited by me. Leave a comment / Fav if u take it to anywhere (Ex. Forum, blog, fansite, etc.). Please give me full credit.
Julius Caesar Life After People
Julius Caesar Life After People
I downloaded a new free iPhone application from the History Channel called "Life After People" that is based on the new History Channel series by that name. The application lets you add plants, cracks, dirt, and feral animals to images you take with your iPhone camera. So I couldn't resist aging a picture with a statue of Julius Caesar in it! I wish the application would let you age images you have in your photo collection but it only looks at your camera roll on your iPhone. I called Apple to see if there was a way to move a photo uploaded from your computer to the camera roll but their tech support says no. So, I guess I'll have to contact the app developer and suggest an upgrade to include this feature. Now we need a Flickr Group to share all of the photos aged with "Life After People!"