Download The Core (2003) Movie Full HD, DivX, DVD

Download The Core (2003) Movie Full HD, DivX, DVD

Summary movie - The Core (2003)

For reasons unknown, the earth's inner core has stopped rotating, causing the planet's electromagnetic field to rapidly deteriorate. Instantly, life around the globe begins to change dramatically. In Boston, 32 people with pacemakers, all within a 10-block radius, suddenly drop dead. In San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge collapses, sending hundreds of people plunging to their deaths. In London's Trafalgar Square, flocks of pigeons lose their ability to navigate, flying into panicked crowds, slamming into windshields and causing drivers to lose control of their cars. And in Rome, as thousands of tourists watch helplessly, an electrical superstorm reduces the ancient Roman Colosseum to rubble. Scrambling to resolve the crisis, government and military officials call upon geophysicist Dr. Josh Keyes and a team of the world's most gifted scientists to travel into the earth's core in a subterranean craft piloted by "terranauts" Major Rebecca "Beck" Childs and Commander Robert Iverson. Their mission: Detonate a nuclear device that will reactivate the core and save the world from sure destruction.

Watch Trailer - The Core (2003) Movie

Watch Trailer - The Core (2003) Movie

Download The Core (2003) Movie

Still of Aaron Eckhart and Hilary Swank in The Core Still of Hilary Swank in The Core The Core Still of DJ Qualls in The Core (l to r) Delroy Lindo as Brazzelton, Tcheky Karyo as Serge, Aaron Eckhart as Josh, Hilary Swank as Beck, Bruce Greenwood as Iverson and Stanley Tucci as Zimsky (Beginning lower left and clockwise) Hilary Swank as Beck, Aaron Eckhart as Josh, Delroy Lindo as Brazzleton, Stanley Tucci as Zimsky, Bruce Greenwood as Richard, and Tchely Karyo as Serge.

The only way to save Earth from catastrophe is to drill down to the core and set it spinning again.

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Directed By: Jon Amiel
Actors: Aaron Eckhart (Dr. Josh Keyes)
Christopher Shyer (Dave Perry)
Ray Galletti (Paul)
Hilary Swank (Maj. Rebecca Childs)
Delroy Lindo (Dr. Ed 'Braz' Brazzleton)
Eileen Pedde (Lynne)
Rekha Sharma (Danni (as Rékha Sharma))
Stanley Tucci (Dr. Conrad Zimsky)
DJ Qualls (Theodore Donald 'Rat' Finch)
Tom Scholte (Acker)
Richard Jenkins (Gen. Thomas Purcell)
Glenn Morshower (FBI Agent)
Bruce Greenwood (Cmdr. Robert Iverson)
Anthony Harrison (FBI Agent)
Tchéky Karyo (Serge (as Tcheky Karyo))
Bart Anderson (Dad)
Nicole Leroux (Mom)
Justin Callan (Little Boy)
Chris Humphreys (GBTV Reporter - Trafalgar Square)
Dion Johnstone (Flight Engineer Timmins)

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