Dog Soldiers Movie Download Sites

Dog Soldiers Movie Download Sites

Summary movie - Dog Soldiers

Imagine you're leading a six man squad on a routine army exercise. You're behind enemy lines. Your radio doesn't work. You're cut off and on foot in a vast, hostile wilderness. You hear somthing howling in the distance. Something's out there.. and it's hungry. Very hungry. And hairy.. very hairy. The sun is going down. And there's a full moon. You're missing the most important football match of the decade. And there's every chance that you're about to be eaten alive by a pack of vicious, snarling, blood-lusting, seven-foot tall werewolves. What do you do?

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A routine military exercise turns into a nightmare in the Scotland wilderness.

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Directed By: Neil Marshall
Actors: Sean Pertwee (Sgt. Harry G. Wells)
Kevin McKidd (Pvt. Cooper)
Emma Cleasby (Megan)
Liam Cunningham (Capt. Ryan)
Thomas Lockyer (Cpl. Bruce Campbell)
Darren Morfitt ('Spoon' Witherspoon)
Chris Robson (Pvt. Joe Kirkley)
Leslie Simpson (Pvt. Terry Milburn)
Tina Landini (Camper)
Craig Conway (Camper)
Vilrikke's Acer (Sam the Dog)
Bryn Walters (Werewolf)
Brian Claxton Payne (Werewolf)
Ben Wright (Werewolf (uncredited))

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