Where On Earth Is Waldo?

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Where’s Waldo? In Google Earth

You know, Google Earth isn’t just about dry subjects like getting directions, or viewing planets in Google Sky, there are actually really fun and creative uses for Google Earth.  My very favorite one I just read about today, and I was so excited I just wanted to tell the world!  Although, the world apparently already knows and it seems I’m the LAST to find out!  Ah well, in case you’re one of the few who DON’T already know about it, I’m going to tell you about Melanie Coles’ awesome art project.

Melanie, a young artist in Vancouver, has created a giant painting of Waldo, from “Where’s Waldo” fame, as her submission to the Emily Carr 2008 Graduation Exhibition.  When I say “giant” I mean “giant”.  This piece is 54 feet tall!  Now, this is cool just as a representation of our culture on a grand scale.  But it’s wayyyy cooler because the intention of her creating this with her colleagues was so that Google Earth would come around eventually and capture the enormous Waldo image by satellite and then it will become part of the Google Earth imagery for all to see.  And if you searched long and hard, you would find Waldo in Google Earth, just as you searched for him in the Waldo books back in the day.

There’s a lot of great documentation on the progression of this project, worded much more eloquently that I could have.  So check it out for yourself!

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Melanie Coles’ website.

Great job, Melanie (and associates!)  It’s an amazing project that’s inspired a LOT of people creatively.  And that, my friend, is a beautiful thing.