The History of the World Layer

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One of the most fun and interesting features of Google Earth are "layers".  Layers are categories on the left side of the Google Earth interface that you can turn on and off to see different aspects of the earth, as you choose.  The layers palette is located between the red arrows in the image below:

For example, if you want to see all the roads in a particular area you can just turn on the roads layer.  Same goes for restaurants, points of interest, 3d buildings and many, many other options. 

One amazing layer that you may not have even seen is the historical maps layer.  It allows you to see what the earth looked like hundreds of years ago.   This maps of this layer were created by David Rumsey, a cartographer and map collector.  His collection of maps is used all over the web including Second Life and Google Earth and consists of over 17,000 maps!  There are currently 16 historical maps which make up the current layer in Google Earth.  It’s a really cool feature, and gives you an idea of what the earth used to look like and how things have changed.

To use this layer, click on “featured content” and then “Rumsey Historical Maps” .  Wanna see what it looks like in use?  Here’s a pic…