Google Earth Videos

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Instructions, Tips and Tricks, and Random fun Videos about Google Earth. 

This is a page of videos. Here you will learn how to use Google Earth, information about its history, tips and tricks and some other random facts.

Tutorial by Richard Treves at

Technical Applications

This next video is just a FANTASTIC use of Google Earth. These guys have used the technology of Google Earth for their own use which is for Warcraft III (video game by Blizzard). It's technical, it's geeky, it's mind-blowing. I just thought you might think it's cool to see what some people are doing with Google Earth. So here you go...

History and Random Google Earth Facts

This next video comes from the actual event in Las Vegas where Google Earth was officially released to the public. It was January 2006, and changed the course of history. Presented by Larry Page, Co-founder of Google.

Secret Places in Google Earth

This is a video I found on Youtube, and I really like it. It's just cool, secret places you can find if you play around with Google Earth. See if you can figure out where some of them are, or just use it to inspire yourself to find some of your own!