Download Google Earth Here

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Thank you for your interest in downloading, installing & using Google Earth. You've made a smart decision!  This is a step by step guide on how to do that:

Step 1 - Download Google Earth:
The free download: "Google software pack" includes Google Earth as well as other great free software tools...


Download Google Earth Here

                        Download Google Earth by simply clicking the Download Link above!

Click the above link to download Google Earth 100% Free.
Google Earth comes with the Google Pack and is a free download


After you've installed the software - proceed to steps 2 & 3 below. If you have trouble downloading then skip ahead to step 2 and watch our Google Earth tips video. It will help you with the installation process.

Step 2 - Watch the Google Earth instruction video.
It will show you step by step tips on how to install, setup and use Google Earth. It's a video that you can watch each step on the screen as our Google Earth expert explains it all to you.

Click here to watch the "Google Earth Instruction Video"

Step 3 - Download the guide and learn how to use Google Earth.
(or if you had trouble with step 1 you can download the guide for downloading and installation help first)

Click here to download the Google Earth "Getting Started Guide"

I highly recommend the Google Software Pack. It comes with a lot of great software that is all FREE. You can also pick and choose which of the software products you want to download. You don't have to download them all. If you have a Mac or you don't want the Google Software Pack for some reason you can download it directly from the main site.

The main site for Google Earth is managed by Google at: