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Every day people are coming up with new uses for Google Earth.   The articles on this page are intended to keep you informed on the subject and to help you with your own research and creativity.  Some will be written by us, some by others.  Please feel free to contact us with your own creative applications of Google Earth's technology, or to let us know about an article that should be posted here. 


November 16, 2006

There's a new social networking site called Geojoey, which uses Google Earth as its foundation.  You post an experience in a particular location of earth and the users vote on it.  There's a tag cloud you can click on to search by tag, as well as having the option to search by location.  Really fun!  Someone posted about it on Digg.  That's how I found out about it.  Check out Geojoey here! 


November 15, 2006, Damien1762 of Slashdot writes,

"Indians use Google Earth to remotely monitor their lands by checking for signs of miners and GPS to map their lands. "Google Earth is used primarily for vigilance," says Vasco van Roosmalen, program director of a nonprofit involved in the project."  Click here for entire article.


November 12, 2006, ZDNet writer, Garett Rogers,writes that Google Earth is now offering historical maps and you have the option to view the earth from a globe that's hundreds of years old!  See the entire article here!


February 17, 2006, A man named Peter Pesti has created a mashup of the 128 megapixel NASA's "Earth LIghts" and a Google Map interface using Google Maps application program interface.  It's called "Nighttime!" and you can see it work here.  It isn't perfectly functional or useful.  It just happens to be kind of...neat.   We think so anyway.


January 3, 2006, GEarth Blog writer, Frank Taylor, discusses the possibilities of a particular "flying car" which was found in the satellite imagery of Google Earth.  "Those guys at The Register have done it again. Someone sent them an interesting Google Earth placemark which shows a satellite photo of what appears to be a flying car near a parking lot in near Perth, Australia. The Register, in their usual sensational journalistic style, have written a story which hypes the idea this is a flying car, and doesn't bother to speculate on alternatives."  More...