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Download and install AVG ultimate

Get started with avg retail by entering avg activation code at avg.com/retail. www.avg.com/retail is the web page to redeem your avg license number or avg activation code to download and install avg ultimate.

What is avg license number?

An AVG license number is an avg activation code or number with a set expiration date and is required to keep the program working. Avg license number is 25 characters long which looks like: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. You can find this code on order confirmation email or activation card.

Steps to Download and install AVG Ultimate

  1. Open your web browser and visit avg.com/retail
  2. Enter the 25 digit avg activation key code
  3. Create or sign in to avg account
  4. Click on download on the version of avg you want to download from www.avg.com/retail
  5. Avg retail file will be downloaded in your pc
  6. Double click on downloaded avg file to install avg with license number
  7. Click agree on the terms and conditions
  8. The process to download and install avg ultimate will be completed

Steps for Avg Activation using license number

  1. Open AVG software
  2. Click on “Activate Avg Software”
  3. Enter avg activation code to activate avg ultimate
  4. Avg product will be activated, you can restart your device

What is AVG antivirus pro?

Avg antivirus pro is an application that protects your mobile data and computer pc security from harmful viruses threats and malwares. Download avg pro from www.avg.com/retail. And if you face any trouble in downloading and activating avg then you can contact avg support team to get help.