Kindergarten News for August 19, 2016

In The News

We had a terrific beginning to the school year!  Many of us have already made a new friend.

***Volunteers are needed to help supervise students in the cafeteria and on the playground from 10:30-11:45. Please call the office if you are interested (419-384-3225).

***Volunteers are needed to help with the “Reading Tutors” program as well.  Please contact the office if you are interested.

***As your child practices writing his/her name, please encourage him/her to begin with a capital letter and make the rest of the letters lower case.  Thank You!

School Supplies

Please send all school supplies to school as soon as possible.

We need folders, rest towels, and paint shirts immediately.

Our class will not go to the gym until the 3rd week of school. Please send gym shoes labeled with your child's name.

School Website

*Our class newsletter is available on the school website.  Click the "Elementary" tab on the school home page and then the teacher’s name.


All important handouts for the week will be attached to the newsletter each Friday.

Reminders and snack ideas for the helpers will be attached also.

Kindergarten Mail

I am going to encourage the students to place their papers and projects neatly in their folder at the end of each day.  Please empty the folder and return daily.  Thanks!!