French Revolution



Check out the Napoleon Vocabulary at the bottom of the Study Guide on this page.  

Create a concept map connecting all the terms with one or two verbs. 

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Napoleon to 1848

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Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

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Causes of the French Revolution


Study Guide 

balance of power        legitimacy                     Concert of Europe    Louis-Napoleon   

Feudalism                    Enlightened Despot     Bourgeoisie

7.1 Revolution Threatens the French King

Old Regime                 estates                    First Estate                     Second Estate            Third Estate              Louis XVI      Tennis Court Oath                           Great Fear               Olympe de Gouges       

1. How was French society unequal? 
2. What 3 factors lead to revolution?
3. Why did the National Assembly form?                                                5. Who called the Estates General? Why?

7.2 Revolution Brings Reform & Terror 

Declaration of the Rights of Man                  Legislative Assembly    Émigrés                      sans-culottes             guillotine                    Robespierre                Committee of Public Safety   Reign of Terror

1.  What new laws came during the revolution?                                   2.  In what ways did the emigres and sans-culottes have opposite goals?                                                                                                    3. Why did the radicals execute the king?                                             4.  What was the reign of terror and where did it lead?

7.3 Napoleon Forges an Empire

Napoleon Bonaparte    Coup d’état             plebiscite                    Napoleonic Code        blockade                    Continental System    guerrilla                    Waterloo     

1.  How did Napoleon rise to power?  How did he get control of the government?                                                                                         2.  How did Napoleon both use the ideas of the French Revolutionaries, but also change them?                                                                          4.  What goals did Napoleon have beyond France's borders?               5.  Where did Napoleon have success in adding lands, and where did he fail? 

7.4 Napoleon's Empire Collapses

scorched earth policy

1. What mistakes did Napoleon make abroad?                                         2. Summarize the reasons that the European allies were able to defeat Napoleon in 1814 and again in 1815.                                                       3.  What was the continental system and what were its goals?            4. Why did the continental system lead to Napoleon's downfall?

7.5 The Congress of Vienna Convenes

Congress of Vienna    Metternich    

1. What were Metternich's three goals at the congresss of Vienna?       2.  How did the Congress of Vienna assure pease in Europe for the next 38 years?                                                                                         3.  Why would the other European nations want Louis XVIII to reign after Napoleon's defeat?                                                                                                   4. Why would the French people elect Louis Napoleon?


Napoleon Vocabulary 

Revolution    Monarchy    Republic       National Assembly    Succession    Vote            guillotine        Reign of Terror        Directory    Coup d'etat    emperor        empire        napoleon                Consul             Austerlitz     Trafalgar         Battle of Borodino                  Waterloo      Elba         100 Days    St Helena         Louisiana      Napoleonic Code         Lycee  continental system