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Knowing that names recorded at baptisms and weddings can often give further clues to family history, we’ve extracted as many records as possible for participants present at the earliest Downes family events. Some may be just close friends of bride, groom or parents, others are obviously family members - in accordance with the usual custom. However, it isn’t always obvious which branch of the Downes family they are attached to! Still, it's reasonable to assume that the same names cropping up indicate a close relationship to the wider Downes clan. The other problem is the commonness of certain names (e.g., Kelly, Reilly and Ryan), where we just give the link to as extraction of all the records is just too time-consuming for our limited resources and time. To pursue any promising links, put the appropriate name into the search box and add  another name in the "With an additional name" box.

This is very much work-in-progress which will be updated as research continues (and time allows...).


-          BOOTERSTOWN Marriage of WILLIAM DOWNES & MARY QUIGLEY on 26 November 1817.

Witnesses: Pat MacCormack & Mary Keegan.

DOWNES- Keegan-MacCormick or MacCormack

ST. MICHAN Marriage of John Dunne and Esther Duffe on 26 December 1775

Witnesses 3 & 4: Thos Downes & Mary Mc Cormick

RATHFARNHAM Baptism of Cathrine Maly 1782, dau. of John Maly & Cathrine Keegan

Sponsors: Frank Lahy & Elizth Downes 

ST. MICHAN Baptism of Jacobus Downes on 17 June 1803, son of Ambrosii Downes & Catha Keegan

Sponsors: Guils Rochfort & Alicia Reddy

ST. MICHAN Baptism of Catharine Downe  on 16 April 1805 , dau. of Ambrosii Downes & Catha Keegan

Sponsors: Thoma Caffrey & Anna Kelly

ST. ANDREW Baptism of Mariam Annam Keegan 1811, dau. of Guli Keegan & Maria Magrath

Sponsors: Patro Downes & Catha Byrne

ST. MARY, PRO CATHEDRAL Marriage of Richard Monks and Jane Mc Cormick on 28 November 1833

Witnesses: William Hann & Margaret Downes

ST. CATHERINE Baptism of John Nugent on 2 November 1838, Sponsors: John Downs & Margt Keegan

RATHFARNHAM Baptism of Joseph Mc Cormick 1845, son of Patt Mc Cormick & Margeret Connor 

Sponsors: John Doyle & Anne Downs

ST. ANDREW Baptism of Thomas Dowen 1846, son of Joseph & Esther Dowen

Sponsors: Patk Devin & Honor Mccormick

ST. NICHOLAS Marriage of Charles Downs of 11 Arthurs Lane and Rose Mc Mahon of 11 Arthurs Lane on 1 October 1869

His parents: John & Bridget Downs; Witnesses: Edd Sherwood & Isabella Mc Cormick

ST. CATHERINE Baptism of Wilm John Horan June 1876; Sponsors: Thos Downe & Bridgt Mc Cormick

SS. MICHAEL & JOHN Baptism of Bernard Downs of 5 Georges Ave on 20 April 1891, son of Thomas Downs & Catherine Leonard; Sponsor: Mary McCormack

HARRINGTON STREET Baptism of Thomas Joseph Condron of 4 Gannons Cottages on 24 May 1892, son of Thomas Condron & Bridget Keegan; Sponsors: William Downes & Margaret Colema 

Baptismal sponsors of William & Mary’s children

- (Possible) PRO CATHEDRAL THOMAS DOWNS of Cavan Street, bapt. 30 Dec. 1817. Sponsors: John & Maryan Cain.

DOWNES-Cain or Kane

ST. ANDREW Marriage of Xpthorus Dowens of N/R and Maria Feild on 7 February 1770

Witnesses: Joans Kaine & Georgius Buterfeild

ST. MICHAN Baptism of Thomas Cummins on 27 May 1792, son of Daniel Cummins & Frances Downs

Sponsors: Joseph Kane & Elizabeth

ST. MARY, PRO CATHEDRAL Marriage of Cashl Martin and Alice Downs on 16 January 1816

Witnesses: Richard Gogarty & Margaret Kane

ST. NICHOLAS Marriage of Joannes Downes and Joannae Kaine on 23 June 1828

Witnesses: Nicolao Roche & Joanne Burke

ST. NICHOLAS Baptism of Patt Downs of 5 Williams Lane on 22 June 1829, son of John Downs & Jane Kane

ST. NICHOLAS Baptism of Joanna Maria Anna Downs on 26 July 1835, dau. of Joannes Downes and Joannae Kaine

Sponsors: Andrew Kain & Rosanna Fay

ST. CATHERINE Baptism of Henny Downes on 26 January 1836, of Jas Downes & Ellen Callaghan

Sponsors: Jeremiah Kane & Cath Johnson

ST. MARY, PRO CATHEDRAL Marriage of Samuel Lawson of 24 Up Dorset St 4 Purdon St and Catherine Kane of 39 Ryan Cott on 13 January 1889 Her father: Patrick Kane Witnesses: John Kinshaw & Bridget Downes

ST. MARY, PRO CATHEDRAL Marriage of William Byrne of 4 Huttons Lane and Maria Kelly of 25 Temple St on 7 September 1896; His parents: James Byrne & Brigid Kane ; Her parents: Daniel Kelly & Anne Downes

- MARY DOWNES, Born in Barrowhouse, Athy on 29 June 1822. Sponsors: Patrick Donoughoe, Mary Conroy


ST. ANDREW Marriage of Joes Conray and Joa Mooney on 19 April 1800

Witnesses: Joes Andrews & Nics Downes

ST. ANDREW Baptism of Jacs Donaghoe 1801, son of Edvi & Anna Donaghoe 

Sponsors: Pats Mealy & Francisca Downes. (The Donaghoe family were also related to the MacCormicks)

ST. CATHERINE Baptism of Andrew Donoughoe 28 September 1814 , son of Cornels Donoughoe & Cath Eaton

Michl Brennan & Anne Down

ST. MARY, PRO CATHEDRAL Baptism of Teresa Downs of Pill Lane on 10 December 1822, dau. of Jera & Margt Downs

Sponsors: Malw Conroy & Jane Joran

SS. MICHAEL & JOHN, Essex Quay 1828, Baptism of Honnor Donoughoe, dau. of Thos & Maria Donoughoe

Sponsors: Jacobo Massey & Maria Downes

ST. ANDREW Baptism of Margaritam Downes 1831, dau. of Jacobi & Maria Downes 

Sponsors: Davide Donoghue & Julia Lynch

ST. NICHOLAS Marriage of Christopherus Downes and Ellen Donohoe 1850

ST. NICHOLAS Baptism of Mary Donohoe of 8 Plunket St on 30 May 1860  dau. of Thomas Donohoe & Anne Blanch

Sponsors: William Downes & Mary Connor 

ST. NICHOLAS Baptism of Catharine Curry of 13 Golden Lane on 23 Nov. 1863, dau. of William Curry & Margaret Downs

Sponsors: David Curry & Eliza Conroy

ST. ANDREW Baptism of Patrick James Daly of 1 Belli Lane, 1873, son of John Daly & Frans Donohoe

Sponsors: James Keating & Catharine Downes

RATHMINES Baptism of Margaret Downs of Church Lane on 25 Oct. 1885, dau. of John Downs & Brigid Gorman

Sponsors: James Monahan & Brigid Conroy

ST. ANDREW Baptism of Austin Kane of 16 Wicklow St 1892, son of  Austin Kane & Adeline Gibson

Sponsor: Cecilia Downes

LUCAN Marriage of Ricardus Kane and Margarita Kelly both of Lucan on 5 November 1899

Fathers: Henry Kane & William Kelly Witnesses: Michael Downes & Rebecca Nolan

- ANNE DOWNES Born in Seafield Avenue, Clontarf on 27 June 1824.  Sponsors: William Kelly & Catherine Reilly


258 more Downes/Kelly results

183 more Downes/Reilly results

RATHFARNHAM Marriage of Joseph Doyle & Ann Downes on 21 April 1782

Witnesses: John Boyd & Bryan Riley

ST. ANDREW Marriage of Edwardus Reilly & Maria Anna Ryan on 21 May 1786

Witnesses: Michl Downs & Eliza Little

- ELIZABETH DOWNES Born in Clontarf on 30 Sept 1826; Sponsors Patrick Ryan & Elizabeth Lane

DOWNES- Ryan-Lane

115 more Downes/Ryan results

ST. ANDREW Baptism of Franciscus Downs 1746, son of Gualteris (Walter) & Maria Downs

Sponsors: Joannes Ryan & Anna Plunket

ST. ANDREW Baptism of Jacobus Ryan 1758, son of Michaelis & Brigida Ryan

Sponsors: Jacobus Downs & Maria Rice 

SS. MICHAEL & JOHN Baptism of Mary Hayes, 1767

Sponsors: John Ryan & Judith Downs

ST. MICHAN Baptism of Chr Stephen Lane on 10 January 1849, son of John Lane & Christine Downs

Sponsors: Eliza Denis

ST. NICHOLAS Baptism of Jacobus Lane of 14 Plunket St on 7 July 1865, son of Joannes Lane & Maria Plunket

Sponsors: Laurence Downes & Alicia Downes Priest: A Plunkett

- EDWARD DOWNES Born in Clontarf on 19 August 1829.  Sponsors John Lane & Mary Kelly (See above) 

- SARAH DOWNES Born in Clontarf 18 September 1831 Sponsors James Kelly & Sarah Shepherd

DOWNES-Kelly-Shepherd (+ see aabove)

ST. ANDREW Baptism of Jacobo Row 1764, son of Cornelii Row & Eliza Kelly

Sponsors: Jacobo Kelly & Catha Downs

SS. MICHAEL & JOHN Baptism of Edward Kelly 1766 son of Edward & Sympy Kelly

Sponsors: Edward Dowens & Ann Galtrum

ST. ANDREW Baptism of Joannes Kelly 1774, son of Daniel & Catharina Kelly

Sponsors: Jacobus Keervan & Maria Dowens

ST. CATHERINE Baptism of Eliz Downs on 2 August 1789, dau. of Mat Downs & Sara Scott

Sponsors: Jas Kelly & Eliz Duggan

ST. CATHERINE Marriage of Thomas Downes & Bridgt Moore on 26 November 1805

Witness 3 (of 4) James Kelly

ST. ANDREW Baptism of Christopher Lyons of 4 James Place 1868, son of James Lyons & Brigid Shepherd 

Sponsors: John Byrne & Mary Downes

-  SARAH DOWNES II, Born in Clontarf 01 September 1837 Sponsors: Thomas Mahon, Sarah Durants

DOWNES-Mahon-Durants (Durant or Durrant)

ST. NICHOLAS Baptism of Petrus Nangle on 27 February 1788 son of Patricii & Maria Nangle

Sponsors: Petro Mahon & Brigitta Downs

ST. CATHERINE, Baptism of Pat Downes on 9 December 1789, son of Pat Downes & Cath Mahon

Sponsors: Thos Mc Donnell & Mary Magauran

ST. CATHERINE Baptism of Edward Conner on 1 December 1823, son of Moses Conner & Margt Mahon  

Sponsors: William Downes & Anne Byrne

RATHFARNHAM Baptism of Peter Mahon 1840, son of Jon Mahon & Elizabeth Donnohoe

Sponsors: Peter Maher & Anne Downes

RATHMINES Baptism of Michael Neill on 24 May 1846, son of Patritii Neill & Catharinae Mahon

Sponsors: Gulielmo Downs & Maria Fitzsimons

RATHFARNHAM Baptism of Patrick Monahan 1847, son of Michael & Bessy Monahan

Sponsors: Owen Mahon & Mary Downs

SANDYFORD Baptism of Petrus Thornton of Little Newtown 1895, son of Jacobo Thornton & Margaritta Mahon

Sponsors: Joanne Mahon & Maria Anna Downes

-          THOMAS DOWNES born Black Quarry, Clontarf on 29 April 1840 Sponsors: Thomas Mahon & Catharine Corkoran.

DOWNES-Mahon-Corkoran or Corcoran  (+ see above)

RATHFARNHAM Baptism of Thomas Corcoran 1781, son of Thady Corcoran & Bridgt Kennedy

Sponsors: Barnaby Jones & Anne Downes

RATHFARNHAM Baptism of Ann Downs 1784, dau. of Wm Downs & Biddy Jones

Sponsors: Thady Corcoran & Judith Jones

RATHMINES Baptism of Georgeus E Corcoran Of Mt Pleasant Terrace on 3 February 1878, son of Joannis Corcoran & Eleonorae Rowen; Sponsors: Daniele Callaghan & Teresia Dowan