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March 2020: We are CLOSED Due to the Corona Virus - Stay Safe
The Downers Grove Chess Club provides friendly and fun chess action. Chess players of all levels of chess experience attend and are welcome.
Downers Grove Chess Club has no club dues. DGCC membership is at around 30 members, including 5 players with a previous master or expert rating.
We have a typical attendance of about 10-20 players per club meeting. DGCC is an affiliate of the United States Chess Federation and of the Illinois Chess Association.  
DGCC successfully won the CICL team championship in 2012. We had this honor five years in a row.(On two occasions he shared first)  More info on the link below.
We came in as shared second Place in 2015 behind Northwestern University. (1. Round we won against Motorola Kings, 2. Round: we won against DRW, 3.Rd we lost against Northwest)

Please note that updates will be posted at: http://www.facebook.com/DownersGroveChessClub

  • 2020: NEW Entry - please see maps and directions
  • 2020: Our USAT Team with Dritan Zekaj - Dritan, Kurt, Melvin, Greg and Steffen came in 5th with 4-1
  • 2016: Holiday Party on 21st, with Hot Chocolate & Mints; hopefully 2 games with each team playing one game.
  • 2016: We are starting a club ladder May 18th until September 13th.
  • 2016: Our B-team qualified for the playoffs - the match is at our facility on May 11th!
  • 2015 Club Championships: Joe Fleming is the new champion !! Congratulations He won with 5/6, before Jeff and Gaddiel 4.5/6
  • 2015: We are holding regular tournaments: the first Wednesday is speed chess, the 3rd Wednesday is 3 round 25 min.
  • November 26, 2014: We are holding a 5 round 15 min / 3s delay tourney starting at 7:30 PM, winner gets a pumpkin pie
  • August 2014: Gaddiel Tan wins the biggest Blitz tourney with have hosted in a while with 7.5 / 8 with 18 players
  • July 2014: Gaddiel Tan became Club Champion with 4.5 / 5, followed by Greg Bungo with 4 / 5
  • May 2014: We were not able to qualify for the CICL playoffs this year, bummer..
  • February 2014: We played in the USAT and finished with 3 / 5 
    Steffen Klug: 3/4, Greg Bungo: 1.5/4, Dan Dugovic: 2/4 , Kevin Potts: 3/4 and Aaron Maney: 2/4 were playing
  • June 2013: Steffen Klug became club champion again with 4 / 5, followed by Kevin 3.5 and Greg, Brian with 3
  • 11. May 2013: We defended the CICL Championship title !
    We won our first round playoff match against Aon Hewitt with 4.5 - 1.5
    In the second round we faced DRW which had upset the Wombats and we won with 3.5 - 2.5 (Gaddiel, Kevin, Ralph and Jeff scored for us)
    In the last round we faced the favorite Motorola which had tied before against Fermi
    We tied 3-3 with Kevin and Dan winning and Brian and Greg drawing. Fermi lost in the last round which gave us the sole title winner.
    Here is a detailed report of the 2013 Playoffs.

  • 12. May 2012: We won the CICL Championship, we  won against the Motorola Kings, St. Charles and the Wombats. details at  http://www.facebook.com/DownersGroveChessClub
  • Michael Adams was in town for the Chicago Open and on May 23rd 2012 he agreed to play in our club for a 90 Min/game Clock simul 

    PLEASE Check out the extensive documentation, provided by Daniel Parmet, here

  • We beat the Wombats and we are Western Division Champions 2011/2012! Thanks to all that played 
  • The start time for Downers Grove Chess Club's weekly meeting has changed to 7:00pm. It is now open from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm, Wednesdays.
  • The transition to Steffen Klug being DGCC's club president has begun, congratulations and thanks Steffen!
  • Two teams representing DGCC played in the United States Amateur Team - North tournament held on the February 17 - 19th weekend. The A team's result was 3 out of 5 match points, and the B team result 2 out of 5. Thanks to all who played (Team A - Steffen, Greg, Dan P, Kevin; B team - Rama, Brian, Bill, Mike), especially Steffen who organized things. There are photos of each team on the Photos webpage

Upcoming Events at DGCC
(Casual games available every Wednesday)

3rd Wed in Month
1st Wed in Month
 3 Round 25 Min Tournament
 5 Minute Speed Chess Tournament

DGCC meets on Wednesdays, from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm.  Organized activities usually start at 7:15 pm.
DGCC meets at:

Oak Trace (formerly called "Fairview Village")

200 Village Drive

Downers Grove, Illinois

For more info, contact:

Steffen Klug

email: chess a.t klugonline.com

(please replace the a.t with @

due to junk mail overload)

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