Bridge at The Barn

    As many of you will know, the DFHA plan "is for the Barn to re-open clubs which feel they are able/willing to restart as from Monday September 7th.  
The final decision will be taken at the next Management review meeting on September 2nd."
This is as stated in a letter from Mel Brown, Treasurer, DFHA Management Committee, which was sent to all Club Leaders on 11th August.

    Each Club Leader will need to provide a written Risk Assessment and will need to undertake or arrange for cleaning /sanitising of door and window handles, light switches, all equipment to be used etc.  There are several other safeguarding tasks; and masks would need to be worn.  It seems to me that it is not possible to adequately and safely clean and sanitise over 20 packs of cards etc each week, or between play on each table.

    As the nominated Leader of the Wednesday Afternoon Bridge Club I consider that it is not yet appropriate or safe for the Bridge Club to re-open and I have advised the Barn of this.  The Administrators at the Barn were in full agreement.  As far as I am aware, most, if not all Table Bridge Clubs share that view and I am not aware of any that have opened since lockdown.

    These comments are specifically for Wednesday Bridge, but I have spoken with Phil Warry about Friday Evening Bridge and he shares the same views.

    So, I am sorry that this isn't better news, but if any of you can see a responsible way around all of this, do please let me know. 

Please keep an eye on this page for any further news or, hopefully, details of when we can re-start.

Best wishes to you all and I hope you and yours will all stay healthy.

Derek Baillie            dbaillie47@gmail.com           ..