Photography With a Focus on Landscape Panoramas of Washington County & Mid-coast Maine

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Craig P. Snapp

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All Photos Are  ©  Craig P. Snapp   (site updated:  May 8,  2013)

Artist Profile:                                                                        

Craig retired from a thirty year Silicon Valley career in 1999, began volunteering for several land conservation non-profits and reanimated his moribund photography hobby just as the digital imaging revolution was taking off.  Moving to Maine in 2003 allowed him to really focus on the state’s striking landscapes of islands, peninsulas, bays, harbors, coves, forests and rivers along with the wonderful natural variations of the sun, weather and tides.   He’s always had a strong love of nature and his wife (at least) thinks he has a decent sense of composition.

Initially he specialized in digitally stitched panorama photography that allowed him to easily create and print images that captured the scale of local Maine landscapes with a level of detail that was previously hard to achieve.  With encouragement from friends he began successfully selling his wildlife and panorama images in 2002 at some local craft fairs and gift shops.  This small business success allowed the frequent purchase of new cameras and other gadgets. J

After tiring of the hobby business in 2010, he expanded his work to include infrared photography and various digitally enhanced images.  These renderings occasionally created dramatic, evocative images that brought new perspectives to familiar sights.  Whimsical touches of color occasionally incorporated in his infrared photographs and experiments with physical 3D framing are reflections of Craig’s sense of humor.  Hanging out with the real artists of Points Of View (POV) Artists of Maine inspires him to keep exploring for new themes to capture and create.  Visit my page on the POV website at: 

Organizations & Businesses that use someof my photos: 
Downeast Coastal Conservancy -
Maine Coastal Is. Nat. Wildlife Refuge -
Milbridge Area Merchants Association - 
Morton Real Estate, Brunswick, ME -
Brunswick-Topsham Swinging
Eagle Hill Foundation -
Androscoggin Dental Care -

Photos from Further Away:
Sunrise on Beached Canoes, 1st Debscogneag Lake (#A6)
Mt Katahdin from the Abol Stream Bridge (#A1)
Katahdin Basin from Hamlin Rodge
Mt Washington, Vermont
Mars Society Desert Research Station - Hanksville, Utah

Enhansed Mars Society Desert Research Station

10"x10" Portfolio                                                       Vertical "Panorama" Portfolio          

Sample Panoramas     All Photos Are  ©  Craig P. Snapp

Down East Maine:

1999 Solar Eclipse Sunrise from Summit of Pigeon Hill, Steuben (#C24)
Sunrise from the Summit of Pigeon Hill, Steuben (#C53)
East View from Pigeon Hill of Greater Pleasant Bay, Steuben (#C35)
West View from Pigeon Hill of Cadillac Mt. & Eagle Hill, Steuben (#C34)
Petit Manan Light, Milbridge (#C9)
Small Island in Flanders Bay, Sullivan (Infrared) (#C54)

Bucksport from the Penobscot Narrows Bridge West Tower (#B38)
Winter View of Bucksport from Fort Knox (Infrared) (#B40)

Brunswick, Topsham & Mid-coast Maine:
Ice Skating on the Brunswick Mall (#B16)
Bowdoin Mill on the Androscoggin River, Topsham (#B17)
Brunswick Maine Street from the Roof of Fort Andross (#B33)
Winter on the Bowdoin College Quad (Infrared) (#B13)
Bath Waterfront on the Kennebec River (#B20)
Popham Beach in Winter, Phippsburg (#B14)
One Mile Beach at Reid State Park, Georgetown (#B10)
Five Islands Harbor, Georgetown (#B21)