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English IV

Welcome to English IV:
2013 School Year!:
Week of August 26:
Monday:  Class Syllabus and College Brochure
Tuesday:  RD College Entrance Essay
Wednesday:  Final Copy of College Entrance Essay
Thursday:  TBA
Having trouble with Macbeth? Free Listening to the play can be found at:
Monday:  Read and Answer Act: III Scenes: II, III, and IV
Tuesday:  Read Act III Scene VI and go over SG for test.
Wednesday:  Act IV Scenes II and III
Thursday:  Begin working on Macbeth Buisness Plan project.
Tuesday:  Act I Scene I read and answer Macbeth
Wednesday:  Act I Scenes IV and V
Thursday:  Finish Act I Quiz on Friday
Monday:  Finish Sonnett Cards
Tuesday:  Off
Wednesday:  Quiz over possessives on Thursday.
Thursday:  TBA
Week of Oct. 15:
Monday:  10 physiognmy traits and observations.
Tuesday:  Questions 7 and 8 SG Pardoner's Tale
Wednesday:  TBA
Week of Oct. 8:
Monday:  Progress Report Signature
Tuesday:  How is High School Like a Frame Story?  Paragraph
Wednesday:  Create your own Canterbury Tale
Thursday:  Canterbury Tale due on Friday. 
Week of Oct. 1st:  
Monday:  Choose your side.  Is Arthur a lengend or looney?
Tuesday:  Rough Draft for Argumentative essay.
Wednesday:  Final Draft due Thursday.
Thursday:  TBA 
Week of September 17: 
Monday:  Progress Reports go home.  Students have one more week they can still turn in college essay.
 Link to Website for class activity.
Wednesday:  Study for test:  Gilgamesh and Iliad.
Thursday:  Final responses to Computer Lab Activity are due.
September 10-14
Monday/Tuesday:  Motion Picture Analysis for Beowulf
Wednesday:  TBA
Week of August 27-31:
Monday:  None/Review Syllabus
Tuesday:  Begin Drawing Up ideas for college essays
Wednesday:  Completed Draft of Essay
Thursday:  Finish College Entrance Essays.  Final Copies due.
Week of 2-5:
Monday:  Study for Hero Test on Tuesday.
Tuesday:  Study for Vocabulary Quiz.
Wednesday:  None
Thursday:  Hero research assignment.
Friday:  Vocabulary Quiz:  Hero Unit.  Words are attached below on a word document.
        The week of 1-24:
        Tuesday:  Return Supplemental Reading Slip
        Wednesda:  Class anlysis:  Answer the following Questions. 
Tonight analyze what has happened in class today:
Write a paragraph evaluating what qualities it would take to be a leader and a survivor in these situations.
Write a paragraph explaining how you think these skills could be used in the work place.
 Thursday:  Creat you own Epithets, Poems or Images.  Details will be given in class.

—  Write a poem titled "The Beowulf in Me" or "The Grendel in Me." (Or perhaps write about your duality that represents both sides of your Beowulf) Be specific.

—  Choose a specific scene from Beowulf to illustrate a movie poster, pay particular attention to specific details given in your selected passage. Include the passage on your poster.  Can be done on a small scale.

—  Write a resumé for Beowulf. Include name, origin, height, weight, experience, skills, position applied for, etc.

 Homework: Week: 1-30
Monday:  Study for Quiz on Tuesday:  Beowulf.  I have attached the Power Point notes.
Tuesday:  TBA
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