English II Homework

Second Semsester
Wednesday:  Complete a rough draught of your expressive essay.
Thursday:  Final draught of epressive essay is due on Friday.
Friday:  None
Link to "The Night Face Up"  by Cortazar
Monday:  Finish Essay Questions for "The Night Face Up"
Tuesday:  Study Vocabualry Terms for Quiz Wednesday.
Link to "The Hunger Artist"  by Kafka
Wednesday:  Finish Essay Questions for "The Hunger Artist".
Thursday:  Study for Test/Finish Study Guide.
Study Guide is Attached.
Both the rubric and planning are now available in the attachments below.
Monday:  Begin Rough Draft of Magical Realism SS.  Must have at least a page written including the introduction and beginning of the Rising Action.
Tuesday:  Finish Rising Action and Climax
Wednesday:  Completed Rought Draft.
Thursday:  Final Copy
More about Magical Realism
Extention link to more about apartheid:
Wednesday essay due for Magiacal Realism by Wednesday.
2-9:  Rough Draft for Cause and Effect Essay.
2-14:  Cause and Effect Essay for "Norwegian Rat" is due.  Link to the text is below.
Tuesday:  Paragraph:  How effective is the American culture at passing down customs?
Wednesday:  Work on 1 pager for "Life is Sweet..."
Thusday:  One pager due.
2-25-3-4:  Working on Essay Prompts in class:
2-28:  Final Draft for Human Rights" essay is due. on 3-1
Writing Test is March 8th.  I am conferencing with all students the week of Feb. 28th - March 4.
Week Of March 14th:
Monday:  None:  Progress Reports
Tuesday:  None
Wednesday:  Short Response for TFA.
Thursday:  Study Guides need to be completed for the first 9 chapter of TFA
Week of March 21:
Monday:  Study Guide Commas/Quiz Tuesday
Tuesday:  Short Response Essay
Wednesday:  Quiz Chapters 1-13 TFA
Week of April 4:
Monday:  None
Tuesday Chapter 19-20 Questions for TFA
Wenesday:  Preposition Study Guide
Thursday:  Study for Preposition Quiz
Week Of April 25
Monday-Tuesday:  Interview 3 people:  Questions on handout.
Wednesday:  Act I and II Test
Thursday:  TBA
Week of May 2nd:
Monday:  None
Tuesday:  Finish A Doll's House  final.
Wednesday:  TBA
Thursday:  TBA
Week of May 9th:
Monday:  Night Parts 5-6 read.
Tuesday:  Parts 1-6 Test
Wednesday:  Finish Text
Thursday:  Night Final
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  1st semester
Wednesday:  Venn Diagram and Analysis of Cultures worksheet for "Life is Sweet..."
Thursday:  TBA
"Life is Sweet at Kumansenu":  Link to text:
Anthropological notes worksheets are attached as well as guided reading worksheet.
Anton Chekhov
"A Problem" by Chekhov:  Link to text:
Monday:  Interview 10 people about whether they feel society has more of a responsibitlity for peoples actions or if it more of the person's decision.
Tuesday:  Finish Verb WS
Wednesday:  Get your Notebooks ready for collection Thursday.  Prompt is under 2007 North Carolina...
Week of Oct. 11:
Monday:  Chapters 5 and 6 of "Things Fall Apart".  Look over notes for Transitive and Intrasitive verb quiz.
Tuesday:  Capters 7and 8 "Things Fall Apart"  Quiz over 1-8.
Wednesday:  9-11 due Thursday.
Thursday:  12-14.
 Week of October 18th:
All homework is for Things Fall Apart
Monday-Wednesday:  Finish Study Guide and Reading for Chapter 1-13.
Thusday and Friday:  Finish Quiz over Chapers 1-13.  Open book and note.
Quiz and study guide are attached.
Week of October 18th:
Monday:  Chapter 16
Tuesday:  Chapter 17
Wednesday: Create an outline or other prewriting for Definition essay.
Thursday:  None
Week of November 1:
Monday:  Chapters 19-20
Tuesday:  None due to Mock Writing Wednesday
Wednesday:  Mock writing test.  No Homework
Thursday:   Chapters 22-23
Dec 1-3rd: 
Wednesday:  Finish Act III Questions
Thursday:  Finish Act III Test including essay portion by Friday.
Friday:  None
We are beginning the Memoir "Night by Elie Wiesel.
Extension Wesites:
A Glossary of Holocaust Terms:  http://frank.mtsu.edu/~baustin/glossary.html
Dec 6-11:
Monday:  Rough Draft.  Cause and Effect Essay:  "A Dolls House".
Tuesday:  Final Copy
Wednesday:  None
Thursday:  TBA
Dec 13-17th:
Monday -Tuesday:  Finish Chapter 3-5 in "Night".  Finish Reading Guides
Wednesday-Thursday:  Finish Chapters 6-9 in "Night".
Friday:  In the computer lab.
Dec. 20-21:
Monday:  Review info on Night.  Class activity over information at computer lab.
Tuesday:  Test on "Night".
Jan:  3-7:  Definition Essay:  Individuality.
Jan:  10-14:  Students need to complete their last Cause and Effect Essay of the year.  Due Jan. 19th.  They may substitute a missed assignment by doing both choices of the cause and effect essays.
Jan.12:  Study Guides are handed out.  A copy is located below.
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