Snap to Share with Google Photos         

It can be a challenge to find time in the school day to take photos of student learning and then organize, edit and share them later. And yet we all know the importance of communicating the great learning happening in our classrooms. Google Photos is the answer to finding a fast and easy photo workflow. Come to this workshop to learn tips for taking better photos and a workflow for taking, organizing, editing, and sharing photos with your school community on the go. In order to participate in this workshop, you will need a mobile device with the Google Photos app installed (Android app or iOS app). I'll also show the free app Snapseed, my favorite mobile photo editing tool. Download if you'd like to try it (Android or iOS).

Today's goals

Create better photos with four easy composition tips
Use the Google Photos app on a mobile device to instantly backup photos (if you want to!)
Do basic edits in Google Photos or Snapseed
Create and share an album quickly

Why use Google Photos

Auto backup your photos and never lose anything important.
It’s easy to make an album and share it.
It’s easy to do basic photo editing.
It’s easy to share the learning happening in your classroom with others!

Before we take photos

Let's talk about auto backup BEFORE you turn it on.

How to take better photos with these four easy composition tips.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Animations, collages, and albums

  1. Edit a photo in Photos (instructions) or Snapseed.
  2. Make an animation or collage(Example of a collage)
  3. Create a new album with a group of photos (instructions)
  4. Add text, location, or a map to your album


Add your photos to appropriate challenge album linked in the doc above
Share a favorite photo or album link on Twitter using the #edtechteam hashtag and tag me @heza
Add your favorite photos to the MN Google Summit 2017 album -

Other things to try

Play with the search features.
Use the Google Camera app for android. Create a photosphere (help site) or panorama.
Check out the Photos Help Center.