My classroom has devices. Now what?


  • Understand the key concepts of digital citizenship to think critically, behave safely and participate responsibly and become familiar with Common Sense Education resources.
  • Identify classroom management strategies that can help maximize learning time while minimizing distraction with devices.


Part 1 - Trillion Dollar Footprint

In this first part of our session, you will experience a digital citizenship lesson from a student's perspective. During this mini-lesson, jot down any classroom management strategies you notice the teacher using.

Resources you will need as a student during the Pick a Host activity:
Teacher resources:
Part 2 - Debrief classroom management strategies

In this next part, we'll debrief and discuss classroom management strategies you saw.

Part 3 - Explore Common Sense Education Digital Citizenship Resources

Next, let's explore the free digital citizenship resources that Common Sense Education provides. You will need to create an account or sign in with your Google account to see the resources.

The links below are also included on the site above, but I list them here as starting point for you.

Other digital citizenship resources