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The Power of Visual Communication Infographic
The Power of Visual Communication Infographic via Wyzowl

Workshop description

We all have different learning styles and different ways we prefer to communicate. With current technology, the possibilities for expressing ourselves are endless. One way that teachers can allow students to use technology to tell us about their learning is to make posters, pamphlets, slideshows, learning portfolios, etc. Good graphic design skills are important for effective visual communication and yet we don’t actively teach them to students. Come to this workshop to learn some easy graphic design skills you can use with students right away. Let’s help the visual learners to ‘talk’ visually and let’s challenge the others to develop their visual literacy skills by giving everyone new ways to tell us what they know! (While the tools we will use are more appropriate for grades 5-12, the graphic design skills can be taught and used at any age with any media.)

Learning outcomes

Participants will:
  • Learn the language of graphic design.
  • Apply basic graphic design skills to create a visual using design elements and principles.
  • Learn the basics of Pages or Google Drawings.
  • Discuss how we can use these skills to allow student to communicate in a different way.
  • Brainstorm applications in our classrooms.
Go here for more graphic design resources.


Graphic Design Basics (click to open in a new window)

Getting Started in Pages (click to open in a new window)

Poster Design Tips (click to open in a new window)

Slide Design Tips (click to open in a new window)