I met so many cool people at Anthrocon! Unfortunately I don't remember most of the names. If you're in one of these pictures or you know someone who is, please please drop me an email. Thank you!

Lucas and I were both in suits made by the talented White Wolf.

We made sure to stick together for best effect.

We met all kinds of cool people, including Silvy the Griffon...

And Dagby, a gigantic otter (he's crouching down in this photo, otherwise his head would not be in the picture).

Lucas is very popular.

There were some strange creatures wandering around. This is Zeke the zebu.

The very cutest tauntaun in all of existence. I mean, how cool is that? A tauntaun!

There were also some really spectacular costumes. This one is Garbonzo, by Qarrezel. Not only did Garbonzo look amazing, but the way Qarrezel moved made it even better.

The theme of the convention was "looking to the future." Some people had a less optimistic view.

Everyone was willing to pose for pictures. This leopard was very patient with me.

Then we mobbed her.

Candid shots were fun, too. Here, a rabbit is caught sneaking alcohol to Kage, the convention's chairman.

There were birds (the macaw is Kiyo, and the tern is Caspian),

And beasts!

The oryx was one of my favorite suits. He's just too cute!

I got to pose with him. Check out those horns!

The oryx and the gazelle were cuddly and nice.

Everybody liked hugs!

One of the coolest people at Anthrocon was a puppy named Ashes.

He's a firefighter!

 This is me and Jaeger Fuchs. Right after this picture was taken, he kidnapped me. I didn't mind at all.

I had a great time. My squirrelfox costume was quite popular, and I wish I'd spent more time in it. Unfortunately it limits my vision in ways I'm not totally used to. For instance, you can see how I'm cocking my head to one side while I talk to this nice man. It looks almost like I'm listening to him, but in reality I'm bringing him into line of one of my eyes. If I faced him head-on, he'd be in my blind spot.

If anyone saw me in the parade, they probably noticed me swinging my head back and forth as I walked. I have to do that or I run into things. Just ask Lucas. I faceplanted into his back several times during the parade. Luckily for him, my costume is made of foam.

Once again, if anyone knows the identity of any of the fursuits in the pictures, please email me!

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