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a subset of ongoing projects

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5. The Gerrymandering Machine by Mathematicians, Computer Scientists, Political Scientists, etc

A summary of existing work


To appear: GSCC 2018, kudos to my new collaborator Max! 

4. Hyper-parameter Tuning in the "Deep Learning Tsunami", with Jianna Yang at UCLA, Yang Yuan at Cornell, and Manuel Laguna at CU Boulder
under Micheal Mozer's Deep Learning class

Project Proposal by Jason Dou

Github Repo

Thanks Stephen Becker for constructive comments!


3. How's the Board of Director Should Be? Information Extraction from Financial Governance Document, with Tony Ding at CU Boulder and CS Senior Design Team

Presentation Slides by Senior Design Team, Fall 2017

Github, access upon request

A "Deep Learning (LSTM, RNN) to Language Version" under Micheal Mozer's Deep Learning class

2. Deep Exploration in Recommendation System via Thompson Sampling, with Adam Zou at Walmart Lab


Deep Reinforcement Learning: an Overview: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1701.07274.pdf

1. Online Review's Impact on Casino Revenue Management


There is emerging trend in the Operations Research Community studying revenue management under “social world setting”. In this project, we explore online review from social media sites’ impact on revenue management. Multi-Arm Bandit problem is a classic model in Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, Probability Theory. Interestingly, it is derived from casino setting. We will use real data from casinos in Macau for empirical study and model validation.

Keywords (3-5 keywords): Online Review, Multi-arm Bandit, Revenue Management, Text Mining

0. Computational Journalism with Lifen Zhang, Fudan University

Jason Dou,
Oct 10, 2015, 12:44 PM